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Results of biopsy of the spine
I had dr appt at Cancer Center to review biopsy report.

I was injured 11/05 had surgery on both knees now need knee replacement, wc refuses to pay for.
Having problems with back, pinched nerve & pain down leg,
also muscle weakness.

Saw cancer dr in Feb due to abnormal mri, since I have had abnormal ct scan & abnormal enhanced mri. Pet scan was normal.

Biopsy was 2 wks ago, good news today...no cancer!!!

I see dr at spine institute 6/11.

Testing shows scar tissue of t12 vertebral bodies,
t10 thoracic spondlosis.

I took report by attorney' office.

I am trying to make sense of wording in the report.
if you have an abnormal gait - it can lead to back problems is my understanding

your gait may have aggrevated a pre-exisiting condition that you didn't know about only a doctor can relate the abnormal gait to the back problems and show causation at this point - But excellent news on the NO Cancer !!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Pooh.

My attorney says there is enough documentation to include my back with my knees.
Bummer....I am so happy to hear that this all turned out ok for you. It is kind of scary waiting so see when they are talking about cancer. Pooh is right about the walking. I don't walk well because of the MS and it causes me all kinds of troubles in my back...Best wishes to you.
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I have a very abnormal gait, at the last wc dr appt, dr told me I would need a total knee replacement, then he released me with no restriction, this was 6/06.

I hired an attorney, reopened my medical, had surgery on the other knee due to oversue & torn meniscus.

I now use a cane for mobility.

I told dr before I was released 6/06 that I was having back pain and pain of other knee, dr refused to examine me.
I know when my other shoulder started bothering me - that's when I had to fill out another claim form - they wouldn't examine it without it or say it was from using my left arm only for 6 months. Go and figure - you can show cautionation and sometimes they still want another claim form filled out. So that may be a place to start after you talk with your attorney on it. I mean you can show cautionation - seems strange they want another claim form - but some IC are like that.
Good News Bummer!! I'm glad you are going to be O.K., and there is no Cancer!!Wink
Yes, I am happy. I do have problems with my back....I can deal with other problems with my back...I just didn't want to face cancer, and now I don't have to!!!

I go to the Spine Institute on the 11th, hope to find out what really
is going on with my back.

When I go shopping my left foot starts feeling heay, I have problems picking it up my foot to take a step. Pain in my back increases & then pain starts going down the back of my leg. The pain quickly goes to a 10. If I get off my feet the pain will ease up some what.
I am so happy no cancer so sorry you are in pain
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