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botched surgical incision
I had a carpal tunnel release done on my left hand, 7/11/2008. Got the stitches out and ok to return to work on 7/28/2008. The problem is my incision looks completely gruesome and is quite painful. I am supposed to have the same thing done to my right hand and am terrified of the same results.
ga daisy - you may want to talk to the doctor. Sounds like this is recent and really still healing at this point. Sometimes it takes a while for muscles to heal and that could be part of your pain - but always best to discuss any concerns with your doctor when you don't feel things are right
poohs right daisy they do alot of pulling to the skin and muscle when you have surgery and that will take awhile to heal and the pain to so away.the skin will restretch and so will the muscles and that is painfull it will get better.make sure you dont have a infection going on if you think there is then go to the er.good luck hope you feel better soon.
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I was curious as to where the incision was, my incision was right at the wrist.I have seen some people when they had the surgery it was on the inside palm of their hand.Mine hurt like the dickens for a long time but hardly have no scar.Halftrak
no matter where you're at there you are
hi gadaisy, Welcome to the forum!
Possibly the soreness is a stitch knot working it's way out?
This happened to me after an open shoulder surgery. Red, heat, inflamed looking, and itchy yet painful incision site. Then the "string end" showed itself in PT. Off to the the surgeon i was sent. He pulled like heck and out popped a knot and about an inch of string that did not disolve like it should have. After he cut it off, the remainder slid back inside, no more inflamed incision site, and it healed quickly.

Your surgeon needs to look at the incision and tell you if it's normal or not. Call him.
Take care and good luck, LillySmile
Injured worker, & tired of it all! I'm too old for games!!

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I myself had Carpal Tunnel surgery, and my incision was across the wrist, which can't even be found now. I have seen others with some massive incisions though. But was needed as per what it took to repair the site. I would like to know, how did the incision look before you had the stiches out? And compare that to how it looks after returning to work?

Just a simple idea, I do know only 1 person so far, that had plastic surgery on an incision, to help hide it.
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Try to go for a second opinion if you are not satisfied with the first one. If carpal tunnel surgery is done, one of the side effects of this is swelling in the hand. But according to the EmedTV.com, this side effect would be easily addressed.

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