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I wanted to come here and ask everyone to please add my family to the prayer list. On Thursday afternoon in NH we had a EF2 tornado that came through our town and had a direct hit on my log home that my husband and I worked very hard to build for 8 yrs. We had 9 acres of tree's and everything is gone. It is like a war zone. We had the governor fly over our area and determine a state of disaster.

There was one life lost that day down the road from my home, and if my daughter and grandkids would of been home that day, there could of been a tragedy in my family. My home is repairable, but as we all know lives are not. Please keep this woman and her family also in your prayers. She was babysitting her 2 yr. old granddaughter, and she died and her husband and granddaughter are recovering in the hospital.

It was my fathers 30th anniversary of his death that day ( died of MS at 44 ) and I know he must of been watching over my family for me. I have never in my life seen such a disaster. My husband and daughter have made it on the news and I will be going to the town hall to meet with Fema and the American Red Cross today between 9-6. We have lost alot of beautiful woodlands and now have a new view of all flatlands. We will rebuild this home, and our lives. Enclosed is a clipping of the website that has our home and all the land we have lost. There has been a great amount of help that have come by to help us with chainsaws, food, water, friends. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

Red, Thank you for the picture you painted of my home, as this is something that I have now to charish of how my home was before it was distroyed. It survived the tornado : )

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sparkey i am so sorryto hear this news.an am glad your family is safe thats the most important thing that ur safe.at least the house can be fixed and my prayers go out to all of you.the weather has been bad all over this year.wish you my best to you and yours.hurt.
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I am saying prayers for you and your family.

I am told there are web sites on how to clean and preserve things such as pictures after a natural disaster.

Tornados are common in Kansas where I live, although the emotional toll of coping with after a tornado is not easy.
Sparkey- I am glad that you and your family are ok. Sorry for the loss of all the beautiful trees and damage to the house. Will say a extra prayer for youand those in your town.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
sparkey, I agree with everyone else about thankful you and your family are safe,so sorry your beautiful land and home were severly damaged.Tornandoes are so scary and very dangerous.Am sending prayers to everyone in your area.Halftrak
no matter where you're at there you are
Sparkey I am so glad you and your husband are safe. I will keep the ladies family in my prayers.

I am sorry you are going through this but so happy you guys are safe. Are your puppies okay too? Please say they are...

Will have you all in my prayers.

Hugs and love,
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Mother nature can be so cruel at times, and we never know where she will rage. Material things can be replaced but the loss of life is tragic. I will say a prayer for your neighbors and for you and your family. Someone was surely watching over your loved ones. Take care and know that my thoughts are with you.........
Sparkey...now I am crying...I didn't read this until now for some reason maybe because I was adjusting to medication changes again and it would have been too hard too hear at that time. I know the day you are referring too, we had a very extreme thunder storm here at my house in NJ.

I can only say that I am so sorry ... the tears are rolling just thinking of your beautiful home destroyed by weather. When a person paints a picture with as much love as I did for your home..all I can say is I fell in love wtih that home. It is in my mind one of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen. I loved painting it. I just can't believe the destruction...it is terrible. I really dislike it that anyone especially you have lost a joy such as this. I wish it was as easy to rebuild as it was too paint. I know you loved it and had so much pride that you and your husband did it together....I just wish I could make this go away for you with a prayer in heaven or even a twitch of my nose...I can't and that saddens me greatly. You and your husband can rebuild this home... and if you need another painting I would be proud to do it for you of when it is finished...sparkey...hang in there. You are right human life is much more important...I just know how much I came to love that house and that painting as I was painting it, looking at every inch of the picture...so I know you are totally heart broken. My prayers are with you and your family. Red
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I am so sorry Sparky....mother nature can be cruel
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Sparkey, I'm praying.

Is this your home that was in the web link you posted?

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