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9-11 flight plans.
I have never seen this before. The two jets that hit the World Trade Center actually crossed paths enroute.

Click on the red arrows in the right column to the right of each flight. The one that shows them all in action is most interesting. It reveals how well the plan had been developed, barring departure delays. I wonder if the original plan was to have them all strike their targets at the same time?

And they did it all with U.S. aircraft, U.S. flight schools, and a few box cutters

click below


That is so strange. I was just speaking the other day to a co-worker who's sister was on the flight that hit the tower, and he just became a grandpa on what would of been his sisters bday in June of this year. Her name was Carol.

His sister got on that plane that day because her friend got free tickets. The girls mother was suppose to go but got sick and that is how she ended up getting the ticket. What a tragic day that was. Seems like only yesterday.
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Crabby, that was interesting to see.I showed that to my 2 oldest daughters, it was just eerie, thanks for posting it, halftrak
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Crabby... that is very interesting. It brings back many memories. It isn't strange that I would have deep feelings about it because we were close enough to actually see the flames. I was at a neurology appointment the day it happened and saw the second plane hit the second tower. I was in shock... It was early of course and then I was suppose to be a board meeting that day at 1300. Unfortunately the VAMC was locked down until almost 3 pm and I didn't make the board meeting timely. However, because of what was happening the board was still in process. Out of 630 nurses in my department, we had 42 people affected. Husband working in the towers and in two cases mothers working there. Then there was one staff member whose brother worked there. Then in my neighborhood, two families lost a mother, and one lost a husband. My entire neighborhood was in grieving. I was at my building for at least 24 hours following the situation developing and educating the staff on our evacuation plans, additional guards and locations, beepers and cell phone were bought and put on each of our 11 floors. This was such a tragedy. Then the navy section of the pentagan was hit....it was a horrible day. Two days later my son left for the gulf on his plane. This will live in the hearts of all Americans forever I believe. This is something that none of us dare to forget. Red
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