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My Personal Blog - The Phone Company Made Me Do It
That is such a great blog ADMIN. I will have to post on it too.

As of today up to 20% of US homes are now using wireless phones. It's said in the future land lines will be gone. It's strange though, as we search for the best deal package for these wireleless phones, many don't understand the ones offering the best deal, don't have the good reception. I have a 300 minute package on our phones. The reason is, we get more incoming calls and walkie talkie calls then we have out going calls. Our only cost is if we go over the 300 minutes outgoing calls. All incoming, and walkie talkie calls are free. Plus we get free nights and weekend outgoing calls. My sister owns a towing company, and uses the same phones, the same company I do, and the same package I do. Her bills very seldom ever go over 300 minutes by the employee's.

My recent new phones as of a year or two ago are the new Hybrid phones that Motorola now makes. They have Milatary Specs loaded into them, the signal is always better then other phones, and I can make calls, or get calls, when others can't. Buying the best phone now, saves you money and and keeps you from losing an important call later.
I have never had anything but Alltel and am mostly happy with it I also love their commercials
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I have Alltel also but I heard that Verizon and Alltel are merging!!
Always love your cubs unconditionally...they are a gift from God and someday they'll pick your nursing home!!
Snowbear, I just heard that yesterday as well. I am going to look into that (and maybe blog about it!). By the way, thanks to everyone for their comments, and Snowbear, it is ok to laugh - It's supposed to be funny...

I posted a thank you yesterday but that post was lost with the boneheaded error I made on the site.
oh no please I like my service center they answer my questions right away
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


Now you know why I am one without a wireless phone. Give me my land line any day over wireless. If the tower close to us goes down - hubby can't even get calls from his work - yes he carries one for work that they provide - cingular/att one. The only problem was when his first phone died was trying to find a replacement because of his hands free set in his company vehicle - we didn't want to have to change that out as well. (we paid for the replacement phone ourselves instead of getting the company to pay us back for it)

However, in the area we live in - we don't have many problems with his cell phone - just I refuse to carry one at this time because I find them annoying when out in public and the phone is ringing. It's also not polite to take a phone call when your talking to someone like many do unless it's from the kids for an emergency or your boss .............. sorry been there done that with cell phones and really didn't like having one for work years ago.
Gee Pooh, and I thought I was the only one that did not want a cell phone... I believe the same way that you do, If anyone wants to reach me they can call me at home at my land line, and if Iam not there they can call back or leave a message. There is nothing more that I dislike than to be sitting with friends in a nice place for dinner etc, and have a cell ring, or have someone at the next table discussing there business so loud that everyone can hear. In an emergengy it is a good thing, but how often does that happen? and how did we handle emergencys in the past? Give me a land line any time.
I also hate cell phones I normally have mine on me but turned off......I check for messages daily(most of the time)...My Beccas biggest beef with me is what good does this phone do if you never use it......some months I use less than 10 min. But good ol Becca logs over 2000 text messages monthly thank goodness for unlimited text on hers
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Wow...that is alot of text messaging. Almost all young people are texting instead of talking. I think it takes up to much time. However, I love my cell phone. I would not go anywhere without it. Del has a GPS and that is great also, except for when I typed in MaDonald versus Mac Donald's and we ended up at someone road to there house...I am sure you remember that uh jayne...It was my error. I have pictures on mine of my grands...no more carrying photos and a calendar so out the door with pocket calendars....there are so many things that can be used on it. I didn't know no one didn't like cell phones... interesting point of views Pooh (nice to see you back) and Tuffy. Love Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Red, We (Gail and I ) were in Indiana on our way to the Castle in Pa when her cell rings, It is her son, he just got out of bed and wanted her to go to McDonalds and bring him breakfast......... RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! I had a clear picture of us turning around going to Mickey Dees and then back to Illinois........ROFL

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