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Flash drive and the luck of AQA
As far as the luck of AQA goes. During the spring semester, I skipped a class and went and layed back in the truck (my back and leg was hurting to much). While I was there, I saw a new SUV pull into a parking place and hit the car in front of it. The SUV then back out and left the parking lot. Well, AQA being AQA, wrote down the plate number of the SUV as well as make and model, I also notice the vehivle had an instructor plaque hanging from the rear view mirror. I wrote all the info down and placed it under the windshield wiper of the car that got hit. I then went to my next class. After class I came back to the truck and saw the note was still on the car. A few hours after I got home the campus police called and asked what all I had seen. I explained everything. I heard nothing else about it. Well I decided to run the license plates to see who owned the vehicle that left the scene. Anyone care to guess who my math instructor is??????

Now for the issue of FLASH DRIVE. Since my injury I have had very little to do, so I began playing with the computer. As some of you know. Anyway, this part of the summer semester I am taking two classes. One is an english class. The instructer requires us to have a flash drive. I purchased one today. It was bigger than what is required so I know it will do what ever it is requied to do. From what the instructor said. I believe it is so when we use the lab computers we can take that info. with us via the flash drive and work on it at home via the flash drive. My question is, how does this thing work???? It came with no instructions what so ever. Is it like a plug and play???? I have no clue.
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AQA - It will work until it just flat wears out. You can put lots of info on it and even delete files etc. It basically is a portable drive that you can take anywhere.

I washed mine last semester and it still worked, LOL...if you decide you need to make room on the usb drive load your files to your hard drive...KEEP YOUR SCHOOL WORK and always keep a copy of your syllabus, if you should transfer it will help to compare courses.

Sorry to hear about the instructor thing, what a jerk!!!

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AQA...you use this similar to a CD. The CD has a port on your computer and so does the flash drive. You put it in it's usb port, then save your information to it. The port should be identified in your computer. For instance for me it is drive H. It is also used similar to your picture disc that goes into USB port (for me) F. I hope this helps. It is a storage device. Red
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