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hello again i have a question ive had surgery a 3 level fusion im still in pain from that so today im with my son in the mall and i slipped and fell on water or something i think my fusions is ok but i have servere pain on my left side going down into my left leg i did a accident report and they gave me a card to give to the ER if i need treatment my question is will this effect myWC case if i go to the ER not sure what to do thanks burra im in MN
hi burra if i were you i would be getting things looked at any fall with a fusion is not good.....my opionon is you need another mri and x-rays to make sure things are good.the pain could be from swelling and be pinching a nerve.its best you call ur dr.that did the surgery and see what he/she has to say,better safe than sorry.
Each day is not a rite,it's a given.

call your lawyer now he/she can quide you better than we can on this.......if you dont have one get one ASAP that deals with both WC and accidents
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yes you can go to the er. contact your treating doctor as soon as you can.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I had a similar situation...10 wks. after my fusion, I slipped on a spill in a store and then again, at about 16 wks. I fell in a grocery store. Both times I filled out the same incidet type of report and they too gave me their info. But, I just went to my own Dr. and w/c paid for it. I figured it my Dr. took Xrays etc. and something serious came of the falls themselves, then I would report it to the individual stores. I thought if I went to the ER and charged it to the stores and then they found out that I had a pre-existing injury that caused me to fall easily, they may not pay for the ER and I would then have to fight with them.

I don't know if tat would have happened or not, but that was my immediate thought.
If Your Pain gets too Severe, by All Means go to the E.R and get Checked Out!! Then let Your Attorney sort things out. Your Health is More Important so don't Worry about the Paper Work if You feel You need Checked!! I Hope You feel Better, and All is Well!Wink

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