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this is a real web site check it out!
From Snopes.com

If you are going to pass something along . . . . let it be THIS! To whom it all concerns:
Just a word to the wise. E-mail petitions are NOT acceptable
to Congress or any other municipality. T o be acceptable,petitions must have a signed signature and full address. Same with 'prayer chains' -- be wary!

Almost all e-mails that ask you to add your name and forward
on to others are similar to that mass letter years ago
that asked people to send business cards to the little
kid in Florida who wanted to break the Guinness Bookof Records for the most cards. All it was, and all this type of e-mail is, is to get names and
'cookie' tracking info for telemarketers and spammersto validate active e-mail accounts for their ownpurposes.

Any time you see an e-mail that says forward this on to '10' of your friends,sign this petition, or you'll get good luck, or whatever, it has either an e-mail tracker program attached that tracks the cookies and e-mailsof those folks you forward to, or the host sender is getting a copy. Each time it gets forwarded, then it's able to get lists of'active' e-mails to use in spam e-mails, or sell to others that do.

Please forward this notice to others and you will be providinga good service to your friends, and will be rewarded bynot getting 30,000 spam e-mails in the future.

(If you have been sending out the above kinds of email,now you know why you get so much spam!)

Check it out: http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/petition/internet.htm
Each day is not a rite,it's a given.

I try to never mass pass anything if I like it I add it here.....on pogo I report to admin anyone who sends me a chain letter I hate em
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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