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anyone want to clean my house"penguin Adventures"
Ok im bored I should be cleaning or trying to but since noone is home hubby and son aregone doing our fun time hobby (selling junk ) youngest daughter Has been at work each night ... so its just the brittany dog , 2 cats and myself since firday at nights ..

Ive had to work all weekend yes its really been slow too .
so daughter keeps getting laundry out for me and ive been folding it on a stool . dishes are sonewhat done (back ppl all understand)
so hmmm any helpers lol ....
just typing for something to do ...
anyone want to help ??? j/k j/k
you find em when they are done with you send em my way
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I'm supposed to start on my own house tomorrow, yeah right, good luck with that, LOL... so when Tweety is done with them, then Jayne gets them, then they're MINE and no one else can have them and I'm going to hold them hostage so I will always have a clean house, lol
Please click the link below to help provide food for homeless animals. It's free and only takes a second of your time! Thanks Smile

O.K. folks, I can't help with my back problems, but I'm putting an apron on "The Flying Penguin of Justice" and sending him your way!! He's been pretty lazy lately and needs to lose some weight!! Work his little wings off, He needs the exercise!!Tongue
When "The Flying Penguin of Justice" is finished at Tweet00, can you send hime to Kansas, I could use some help here also.

"The Flying Penguin of Justice" has a tornado radar, right?
Don't worry Bummer, just hang fresh fish outside and He'll make it through anything to get there!! (LOL)!Tongue
still Yep he made it here while I was at work the frig is alot cleaner all beer is gone along with thefood
at least he did clean the frig inside while he was working ..
found him sleeping at 3 pm when I got home ..
woke his butt up and he made moving the clean baskets ofclothes a breaze..

Wow show him a fish and all the clothes were in thedrawers and hung up its was great ...
But now for the problem lol He found a freind at thepark while he was to be racking leaves ... my youngest set him up with one of her g/fs so they are off tonight to see pirates of cabbiain ..
Will send him on to the next person as soon as you tell me the secret on how do you get him to clean the windows outside ????

Hint to who ever he goes to next hide the beer and all food there is a reason for that cape.. I never seen so many pockets inside one before lol

Let me know when the "The Flying Penguin of Justice" heads this way, I will make sure there is plenty of fresh fish.

My daughter got her lake pass and fishing license this weekend, so I will send her to the lake for a fresh catch.
lol....you are all too funny. I needed that laugh. Still if you want you can send the flying penguin of justic to my house and I will let him rest. I have a full bar...so have fun. Then you can soak in the hot tub which is great on your back. When you are done with that you can take a nice long nap and my husband I will keep it quiet. After you rest...you can leave for your next desitination. When you need to rest, the door is open....lol
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Tweety, smear anchovies on the window and He'll lick them to a brilliant shine! (LOL)! And listen, I'm not responsible for any little Penguin Human hybrids that might be running around your neighborhood in the future!Tongue

Red, when he's all done I'll send him over, he will need the rest and could probably use a few cold ones! Thanks!!Wink


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