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anyone want to clean my house"penguin Adventures"
Limbo rofl ok I have this really tall house and pi's would have a blast If I have to get on a laddder .... but Ill use the water hose and put anchovies in it tomorrow ..

He has really beeen a good guy and I hear that he liked the movie .. He is sleeping overnight at youngest g/f's tonight so im sure they will have a clean place also ..
I did have to have a birds and bees talk with him tonight ... so that we dont have baby penguins lost in iowa during the summer .
Poor babies if there are any will melt in our humidity

So Who wants him next ...
He is starting to look pretty buff since working so hard !! But dont let him in a speedo just yet ok (hint hint) ..
LMAO! Your out of your mind Tweety!! I sure hope he listened to your talk, I sure don't want his little Penguin head thinking for his big one!!Tongue
Limbo ok tomorrow you get to pick who is his next victim errr I mean house cleaner

sorry but I could continue with story .... Im hoping everyone gets penguin to help out
I cant wait to hear all the things he does for us IWS

So lets have some fun next story please!!
On a serious note, I am getting desperate for someone to help me clean.   Penguin will flip out when he finds out just how well he will be fed and cared for here in Sunny Cal.   All the fish and beverage of choice he can consume, in exchange for heavy housework!
[Image: penguinflip.gif]
Let Go, and Let God......
I'm sure he'll be Happy Chris, but Tweety hooked him up with a female and Beer, a lethal combo. for my little Buddy! But I'm sure sooner or later he'll make it to your house, especially if that's a female Penguin doing the flips!!!(LOL)!Wink
does he stain fences???
He made it here last nite found him in the barn cuddling that magical momma pig(please limbo he wouldnt ....would he? ) put small fish all thru garden and he weeded it just fine turned around and he was gone.....found him back in the barn (cuddling again) sorry guys I just cant deal with a pig/penquin hybred sending him on(sober and wailing) to Monster
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Sorry Jayne, but his last Testosterone count at the Vet was off the scale!! I'm not sure what you are going to find running around in the barn in a while!! (LOL)!Tongue

Pooh, yes he does do fences. Just put a brush in his wing with paint on it and put an anchovie at the top and bottom of each board. But Please stand back!! When he starts he won't stop until he runs out of fish, and if you're in the way, your going to get stained!! (LOL)Wink
Jayne, after reading your post I'm not for sure if I want to take a chance with Flying Penguin of Justice.

My kids are raising 4-H show pigs.

Limbo, do you think the Flying Penguin of Justice will behave in Kansas?
this is gonna make a cute book
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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