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Life is filled with surprises
No Red I don't understand, and my feeling are hurt, It seems that every time I or some of the others try and make plans there is always some snag. So I guess I will go my own way and make my own plans. I went to Vegas last Oct, and the only ones that showed were Monster and Punk.

So if you all make plans, let me know and I will try and make it.

Oh Tuffy>>>>> I hope you are not upset with me. I understand how you feel .You know my situation. It all depends on hubby's health. Still don't know if he'll need more Chemo or have to start radiation or respiratory therapy. Since they won't start anything for 6-8- weeks that could bring us into late sept /early Oct before he has been given a clean bill of health to travel. Also my WC claim is coming to an end and I have no idea when I will have to go to court again. I have a tentative date to give another depo late summer but as far as going to court I don't know when it wil be, I can just make a guess at the timing. I still have it in my mind that we'll be there. I hear Sarasota is beautiful. Don't worry about planning for me, I'll do that when I know for sure. I'll book our flight, let you know when we arrive and will stay as clost to you as possible. I've given up trying to make plans to far in advance. I've lost too much money in the past couple of years with illness and death so although I tell you I really hope to be there it all still sits on someone's health, whether it be mine, hubby's or the WC BS.

Love ya,
im going to try my best
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
cant do it sorry......this trip alot of good people came together to make it happen for us.....Tinkerbell opened her home and heart so there was no hotel bills Red opened her heart and home no hotel bills Baqckache opened her castle and heart again no hotel bills and everyone went in on food.....it made it possiable money wise for us....Fla is just to many bad memories from when we lived there on top of lots of money for hotel fees and meals out just to much for us.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Tuffy, I would LOVE to go to Florida but I can't make any commitments that far down the road. I'm sure there are others who can't either. Some of us are still in the middle of our WC Maze. Some of us are waiting on surgeries to be scheduled, or hearings, or release dates to go back to work, checks that may or may not come.

On Monday, I had 4 doctor appts in one day, and I got so many things to think about from the first 3, that I forgot all about the 4th appt., and now I'm in trouble.

Personally, I'm hoping for a return to work date soon, and then it would be a matter of scheduling a vacation from work, if that were possible.

Just telling you that each of us has so many different things to consider before we can make any definite plans. Money is also a huge factor with anyone in WC.

I will try for Florida, and will make my own arrangements if I am able to go, so please don't get upset.

Love ya,
Let Go, and Let God......

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