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Hubby is home

Thanks to all. Without your love, support and prayers I don't feel this would have turned out as it is. Everyday seems to be different. He's either sleeping a little better or eating a little better. Can't wait to get the staples out on thursday.

CD....therapy has been mentioned but I'm not sure when he'll start. I've gotten the impression not before he is fully healed. He is still scared since we don't have the pathology results yet, so that cancer scare is still with him. I think him and I got over him being weak sometime through the other 8 surgeries.Wink We're a team with this disease, his job is to heal and get well and mine is to help him achieve it.

RN....You are so right. If I had one more sciatica attack I wouldn't be able to take it. That pain is a nightmare.

Lilly...the pillow is his best friend right now. He's been coughing alot the past couple of days and that just starts the whole pain cycle again.

Keep the prayers coming as I pray daily for all of you. The power of prayer is so amazing.

Cappy when Becca had her surgery I bought her this big sloppy floppy stuffed animal she could hug it all day long,she has it still with her.....He will always be a part of her healing and when she isnt feeling well she still will pull him over and hug him all nite long...
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


That's lovely , Jayne. I understand as I still have a friend called "Boo Bear". I can't believe I just told everyone. This little bear is so special to me that when my daughter moved out a couple of month sago and I knew she was a little scared I hid him under my shirt and slipped him in her bed right where she could see his little head peeking out. She still has him and I believe he comforts her when she's lonely. Is this a girl thing?

I really dont know I just know even Daniel and Bobby had stuffed friends my son is 35 and he has Monk a stuffed monkey he got when he was 3 it is still on his bed....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

A friend had heart surgery some time back and was given a stuffed bear to hug when he was hurting.
Nothing changes when nothing changes

Then I will get him something to hug besides me. LOL Wink I didn't realize men would find this as comforting since I raised all girls. Gonna give it a try. Thanks Jayne and CD.

CAP Smile
you are very welcome just make it big and fluffy and huggable
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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