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The Power of this Forum, and the Wonderful Friends it has Brought Together!!
Admin., First let Me Commend You on having a Forum such as this, and the Way You Administer It!! By staying Strong in the Values that You wanted this Site to have, and the Way You and Your Crew have Worked to keep it Informative and Very User Friendly, You have Allowed people form All over this Country to come Together with One Common Goal, to Make each Others Path down the w/c Road Easier!! And by You allowing this in a Friendly and Informative Atmosphere, We have been able to join together with a Common Bond, and Friendships have Developed from that. And I need to Say this with All Certainty, the Friendship and Compassion I felt by Meeting these People this Week is Something I will Never Forget, and it is all Because of the Fact that You gave Us the Space to Find Each Other. When You are in the Pain I am in, and the Others I saw and their Pain, a Sympathetic Ear is Something All of Us Search for, People who ACTUALLY Understand Our Situations and Pain, and getting together as We did I think was Very Therapeutic to Many. Many Traveled Far to Meet Others, and We would have never found Our Way to Each Other without this Site, and I wanted to Personally Thank You for the Chance to be able to Meet these Fine People, and All of the others whom I only Know via this Forum!! Thank You!!Smile
Still, Thank you for putting into words my deep felt feelings. Once again as you saw me do so many times in the last couple of days I am crying. Not because I am sad but for having the opportunity to meet so many loving, caring, sharing, people. I to commend Admin for bringing us together, since if it wasn't for this forum I would have been so lonely in my struggles with my injury. Admin Thank you from the bottom of my heart.........
I think it is wonderful that everyone was able to make it and have a great get together. I met alot of people online on a website before and it is so nice to finally put a face with emails. Sounds like everyone
had a great time. It is very theraputic. I think it is nice to be able to talk about each other's injury, see what people do to relieve pain when it is very bad etc.

I cannot wait to see the pictures either. It sounds like a great time, and hopefully some day I will get the pleasure of meeting some of you also.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
It would be a True Pleasure to Meet You Sparkey! I can tell You that I left that Mountain with Tears in My Eyes, because it was Time to Leave! But I also left with a Very Good Feeling because of the People I had the Pleasure to Share Time with! If at All Possible You can Bet I will Attend More Trips, and Maybe Someday You will be at One of them!! Have a Great Day, and I Hope Your Pain is Minimal!!Smile
I agree so much with what you have written. I personnally enjoyed the entire visit, even when I had to lay down and try to get my pain meds to work. I love the fact that I can now visualize the person when reading thier posts. I felt like we all were old friends when I first arrived and got hugs from everyone.

I did end up stopping a little over halfway home and getting a motel for Thursday night. I got very sleepy from driving and my pain levels in the back were getting high, I slept for 4 hours straight when I stopped and took my meds. I awoke around 7pm last night and then did the remaining 2 hours drive today. I would do it again in a heartbeat, just not so soon after a surgery, lol.

Thank you Admin for having this great site. I feel as if it really has kept me sane thru my troubles and the people have became my family. I also would like to thank the men that were sweet enough to unload my van when I got there and then load it up for when I left. I will always remember this trip.

Limbo, your dog was so sweet and great to have around, thank you for bringing her. I also enjoyed meeting your wife and grandson.

Backache, thank you and your hubby for allowwing all of us to come and meet. I enjoyed looking for Elk and hurrying to town for the bull elks, I just wish my pictures would turn out brighter. I will learn how to use this camera and next time, I will get the good shots.

Red, thank you for wanting to involve me in your painting classes. I'm so sorry that I was so tired and sore that I didn't do it. The next time we meet I hope to be able to. You made so many gorgeous pieces while you were there, I enjoyed looking at them.

RNVic, I hope you were able to get a good rest when you got home, sorry I kept waking you up, but thankfully you didn't stick me in the dungeon, lol.

Sweettooth, You are as sweet as your name and your daughters looked just like you, I'm so glad that you were able to stop for awhile. Your hubby looks so much like Kenny Rodgers and was very nice.

Tuffy and Gail, I enjoyed talking with you guys and being squished between you on the elk looking trip, lol.

Jayne, and anyone else that I missed, thank you for going to the castle. I wish that I was doing better during the visit and could have done more things with y'all. I hope that we can meet again, maybe in Florida.

Sorry so long, but I'm still excited and will probably remember more later.

I believe that this trip has joined us, not only on this forum, but in heart, mind, and spirit. Before this trip I had met some of you already and had a felt a strong connection even then. We all started to talk on the phone, shared addresses and emails and so forth. I knew each of your injuries and a lot of your stories, but now, it is even more. Unfortunately this is something that I am not sure I can describe. Here is where I need Still in Limbo and his ability to help me bring from my heart what I want to say to you all.

Mostly I see us as a group of people from many different parts of the country, Il, MI, NJ, PA, Ok, and GI (hope I did not forget anyone) who are standing hand in hand with a TRUE heart of caring and sharing, who is standing strong unwilling to let go of our hands. This group of people let me know that YOU are there for me daily and I am praying that you all know that I am there for you.

All the way home from the castle, I felt my depression due to exhaustion from the MS stripping me of the fun that I had while I was there, and suddenly I found myself asleep. While asleep, I had a dream which repeated itself many times. In this dream, I saw myself looking in the mirror. In that mirror I saw myself surround by a group of people saying, “I AM NOT A LONE.” On the other side of the mirror I began to rejoice and sing a happy song. That song rings in my head today. What a joy to know that there are people in this world who really understand, support and love unconditionally as you all do. For the first time since I lost my job, I realize that I have a life. This life is different, but it is just wonderful, because this group of loving people have filled it up. This life is different but it is filled with smiles and laughter. I can have that even if I am not working due to all of you. My family has tried and tried to help me understand this, but I could not see it. YOU have all helped me see that I can do this even more than I ever thought. None of you can even begin to imagine what I am saying unless you know me well in my day to day living. I have been running for so long…. Doing, doing, doing and just hoping that my life would hurry so that I could move beyond this awful disease that has invaded my body. Now I want to live, live, and live with laughter and kindness in my soul for everyone I meet, and most definitely for each of you.

I believe we have bonded in more ways than I can state in a simple post…unless I am longer winded than usual. (jayne I know, this is long winded anyway isn't it... ) We have truly become a family who spreads and shows love, support, and care to each other. We understand not only the injury of each person we met, but the acknowledgement that we are truly people who have dreams for the future, needs to be pain free, families that care about us, and so much more. There is a poem that I believe that describes more about what I am trying to say, and it is called “Look at me, what do you see?” This poem described an older women crying for understanding by saying I was 6 entering school, I was 18 getting married, or having children, I was 50 and a grandmother and so forth and so forth. The meaning is that we are all people living a life. We are not just a written post. We are people who have a past life, a life today. More importantly we are all people who have a dream for tomorrow. That dream has changed from our past lives, but the outcome of that dream is still the same…that is too be loved, understood, and respected for the people we are. I want you to each know that these groups of people in spite of the obstacles in their path have been challenged to reach beyond their original dreams and make new ones. These dreams shine through their smiles, kindness and respect for human life in general however, there is no doubt I see it because of how they love me and everyone else from this forum. I see many souls with a steady heart be of life that says we can’t be moved. We will live a life of laughter, kindness, and respect for ourselves and each other.

I am so blessed to know you all…. I can’t even imagine my life without each of you in it.

What a joy to know and care for such wonderfully loving people who I know will live in my heart and soul forever.

Backache and Dave…thank you so much for your overwhelming generosity and for your kindness that extended arms of love to each of us to make this happen. Keep the painting up…you are so talented. I can’t wait to paint with you again…you will teach me about Oceans in no time. I can’t wait to paint with you again.

Bill and Jayne…please come again. I enjoyed our time together so much in my home and at the castle. I am going to post a picture of Daniel’s painting as soon as everyone sees the castle pic’s I posted for all too see what a talented son that you truly have.

RN Vic…what a pleasure to meet a new friend….thanks for the talks and the support until 5 am. Smiling. HOpe your dreams all come true. Can't wait to talk to you again... welcome anytime.

Vickie..nice to see you again… get well…
Tuffy…. Love you sweety… thanks for driving so far to see us. It would not have been the say without you.

Gail..thanks for painting..you are very talented in your own right. It was very nice to see you again. Best Wishes in your new job. Can’t wait to meet Stormy.

Still and Ellen… you are both just wonderful and it was so good to meet you both. You two complement each other. You are a pair made in heaven.

Sweet tooth… thanks sweety, I can’t wait to see you again… we will you know. I will make it happen ok sweety. Also love you lots sis.
Skeeter… I love you …. Thanks for my gift…I love you. When my brother, who is the pastor in Roseburg, ask me where I received such a treasure…..and I will only say from “My prayer warrior who is an angel from heaven.”
Fancy.. and Missy… thanks so much for my gift. It is beautiful and will hang proudly in my home. you have the best parents in the world. You are both blessed but I feel you know that. It was very nice to meet you both and hope to meet you again soon.

Daniel…I miss you already and Alexia says “hi.” Don’t forget, you can do anything you want to do, just never give up on yourself. You are the best.

Wyatt… keep smiling young man… you have a heart of gold that I believe will take you far in your life. Never forget that YOU too can do anything that you want to do, you just keep believing in yourself. You are an excellent painter

always in my heart...love you all Red

For all not at the castle...we missed you and love you fiercely. Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
My Dear Red, I couldn't have put that into Better Words if I Tried, You hit the True Core of what I felt being with All of You! As I said in My Original Thread, Many of Us are/were only looking for Something as Simple as a Sympathetic Ear, Someone who could Actually Understand Our Pain, and what We have Lost not only in Our Careers, but in Our Personal Lives as Well! I have been on Quite a Few Group Trips before, (Hunting, Dirt Bike Riding, etc.) and I have never been to an Event where People have been so Close, and Understanding of Each Others Needs. I have Surely found People that I can Actually Call Friend, Something that is not easy for Me to do. You All Were so Great and Understanding when My Pain got the Better of Me and I couldn't be Involved in some of the Activities. I still Hurt Pretty Bad, but it's the Best Hurt I have had since being Injured, because it was for a Good Reason, to Meet All of You!! Red You are a True Trooper, I saw it for Myself and I can't Believe the Fight You have in You to get on with Your New Life, and I know You will do it Well, and Enjoy every Minute of it! My Best to All of You, I may not have Met All of You this Week, but I feel the Same about You All. If I can be there to Help I Will, and Thank You for All of the Help I have Received from Everyone!!Smile
Hi! I'm new here. I just started coming to this sight this week. I just got hurt on 5-16-08, but I've read a lot of posts already. I'm usually shy and probably wont say much in the future, but I love to read all about everyone and the friendships you all share. God brings people together in such creative ways. Thank God for love, family and friends. (Remember, friends are family you get to chose!) I just got the urge to write this, so I thought I'd let you all know how wonderful it is to be around so many people who care for eachother the way you all do. God bless.
A GREAT BIG welcome to Hurt Hoosier. I can tell already that you are going to fit right in with this group of wonderful and loving and caring people. Welcome, do not be shy..or jayne will find you and bring you back into the fold. Welcome..have fun with us ok. Love Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
sparkey... hope to meet you too also some day... love Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

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