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I don't know beans
We got ourselves a bag of navy beans the other day from my step-daughter. So I went to the store and bought some smoked ham hocks to put in with them while they cooked. My wife says that you have to take all the split beans out before you cook them. I asked her why. She told me "just because you" do because that is the way her grandmother taught her. I asked her why again. Needless to say but it got her a bit testy because I did not accept "just because you". Can anyone tell me WHY the split beans need to be removed???
This is not a joke, I really want to hear why the split beans need to be removed.
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I am not sure. I do my cooking outside, hence the grill. No beans ever touch the pit, however, I asked my wife. Her reply was that she thinks it is because they starch. Meaning that they will make the liquid thicker than it would be had you removed the split one first.
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I use beans all the time and have never heard of removing the split ones, I rinse and remove any little rocks, stones etc and any that look bad, Then soak overnite, drain rinse well cover with water and slowly cook until tender. Hocks can be added during cooking or ham base or both. I make everything from .bean soup, to baked beans to Calico beans, all from scratch.

Good Luck.
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My grandma use to do the same thing. I just rinse and take small rocks out too. I've never had a problem with cooking split ones.
I also have made home made baked beans, and split pea soup and all I do is rinse them, clean out all the odd looking beans, brown colored, broken, etc. and then put them in a pot and fill with cold water and alittle baking soda ( cleans the beans ) and helps soften them so they do not take as long to cook. I soak them overnight, and then just rinse them again before I cook them.

I personally never heard of any reason to why to remove split peas. Decoration reasons? LOL I have no idea. I do it because I want perfect looking beans when I cook.
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Thanks guys, I was just curious, I'm sure there was a good reason years ago but I didn't know what or why. Smile
Nothing changes when nothing changes

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