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Who all is coming to PA ??????
now that they have packed the car WHERE am i going to get?its not going to hold it all, luggage for 4 and my buggie too WHERE are they going to put me ?
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
roof rack? LOL just kidding my dear......You all will be fine...
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I'm bringing a Small Cot for My Grand Son, and He can Sleep in Our Bedroom! So You won't have to Worry about He and Us, We will be Fine! Thanks Again for All You are doing Backache!!Smile
You are very welcome I am sure. I truly think it will do all of us good to relax for a time. I know my back has been giving me a great deal of trouble lately, but I try not to mention it because of the problems hubby is having. We were two of the strongest, healthy people I know and all of a sudden all heck broke out. I have been doing excercises to increase my strength and at times the leg feels much better. I think if I could get rid of the leg pain and get the back pain down I will be OK and just live with it because it is the pain in 2 places that really makes it hard on me.
Ok...all...I need all the prayers I can get right now. My house is full of boxes, I still have 4 cake plates to do for some very sweet people, and I have to organize my craft room before everyone gets here in Friday evening, my husband is getting the pool open, and doing a shelf here or there to help me put things away from my boxes, and he has too go to the commissary yet to buy food for here and castle trip, we have to buy a cooler to take it all in, and what else...or yeah..I have to pack for class painting, oil painting and a few more things...Backache forgot to order what I said I was going to order...recieved the T-shirts today, we have to take two beds to my kids house, hang two sets of curtains, and what else...or yes I DON'T HAVE MY MEDICATIONS. This is the first time in 12 years that this has happened. The VA pharmacy is having some issues, will not go into it, but am hoping to at least get my Avonex so that I can somehow prevent an attach and not be able to come at all. My fatigue medicine is also done..so I need that, and my medications for my restless leg syndrome..or I will be walking versus sitting to paint. Oh know.. Please give me lots of prayers ok... I can't wait until I get this all done......ouch ouch ouch..

Oh yeah and the best news Del asked me to day to make something to send to our neighbors who called the police last week because they were suspicious that I may be in trouble and that I was here by myself and that I have MS. The fact that I fell unconsious May 4th or the 5rh of last month did not delay there call.... and I am still trying to work through the mess they left. They turned my mattresses upside down and pullout drawers they said looking for a note to say that I had left the country. The police officer in charge said that it is always suspicious when a husband is away on vacation and the wife turns up missing. They turned the mattresses looking for blood...wow..they do not know Del and I at all.. They broke the lock on our sliding glass door etc. What a mess they have left for me and for Del...BTW..I was at my daughters house...my week is going to put me under and soon...I can't wait however, to see Jayne and RNvic... my house is what it is right now, and I keep saying that as soon as I get to the castle all is well...now tell my what can I make and quickly for my neighbors...Maybe an Oil I guess... love Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
You will come up with something beautiful I'm sure Hun. I'm not going to let you do anything but paint while you're here. For goodness sakes girl you will be sooooooooo worn out by the time you get here you won't be able to function. Take it easy . I still don't have the painting done yet and do you see me getting excited. All I really have to do is sign it if I think it looks good enough. I was up cleaning today at the Castle , but I have a couple of more days to get it done. ARE WE THERE YET???????

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