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6 more days
23rd Monday supper time

Jayne and Carol

24th Tuesday Breakfast - Daver and Me

24th Tuesday Lunch - I don't know.

24th Tuesday Supper - Carol and Del

25th Wednesday Breakfast - Daver and Me

25th Wednesday Lunch - I believe it is Vickie and RN Vic

25th Wednesday Supper - Jayne and Bill / Carol - Salad

26th Thrusday Morning Breakfast - Still and Wife.

Tuffy Snacks, drinks, and tea.
It looks like we need a lunch yet I will take 2 breakfasts...
OK folks I am not a breakfast person....and please dont expect intelligent conversation until after the 2nd cup of coffee and maybe not then........I will bring my popcorn and bananas which is a must to keep all pipes flowing......Bill and Daniel will eat whatever is put in front of them or eat PB&J....my rules with 8 kids you gotta draw the line somewhere....
Please I am really really allergic to perfumes as is Red and I believe RNVic also....so come without them.....cuz I really wanna collect lots of hugs.....I am so excited I am about to just burst......Limbo, Daniel is driving me nuts wanting to know your grandsons name if you have said I have forgotten please will you PM me his name so Daniel will be still a moment......Tuffy you got my cheese? and has anyone heard from Crabby......I still gotta pack Bill says one pair pf long pants and one pair of shorts is all he needs....yah right......hes bonkers......Oh my still 2 more days till we leave as we are gonna take a slow trip so I dont freeze up......wonder if Admin will be lonley without me to put in woodshed.....Copchick run him wild for me ......
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Jayne CRABBY will be here tomarrow to go to Wisconsin with us, and as far as I know she is planning on coming with us to Pa. Haven't heard from her in a few days. I called her today a couple of times and could only leave a message.. Yes I will remember your cheese tomarrow.

I am not allergic to perfume but can not stand if it is strong. a little goes a long way. A VERY LITTLE
Backache- I will do 24th lunch. Also bring paper plates,napkins, tissue paper.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Thanks everyone for all of the help. I'm going to kick BIL (Jayne's lame attempt to bypass the Bad Word Filter) when I get ahold of him. We called to see how he is and he is back to work. He did the same thing four years ago when he had his stroke. They were bringing paperwork to the hospital room 2 days later, but on the other hand he pulled out of that when none of the Dr's thought he ever would. Thanks for all of the prayers for him.......BA

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