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app. with att. concerning medicare setaside
I met with my att. for the first time yesterday.From what I could understand,the ic puts money into the setaside each year.If you die,there are no more med. bills so no more money for your estate.We exchanged alot of info and documents that I had.He did seem really surprised that I had not received one red cent since 1994 when I went to court.I guess I was supposed to get milage and some kind of disability peyments for my surgeries.I was not able to work since 2000 and had surgery in 2002 and 2008.I still do not know what I am entitled to but I am learning as I go.Do anyone know what I may recieve since I am 100% disabled now?I will let you know more on setaside as I learn it.thanks to all
I can tell you what I have been learning lately. My lawyer was also explaining the set aside money, and she told me the same thing about the i/c doing a guesstimatin as to how much medical I will be needing. That amount will be put in an accout for me to use, when there is a medical need. (She did not tell me that it was an amount that is put in anually...I was assuming that it was a 1 time thing. I will have to ask her about that.) I asked her what happens if I need more money that there is in the accout as well as if I die and have not used all the money in the account. She said that if it ran out, then Medicare would pay for the rest. If I died and there was still money in the account, it would go to my estate.

I am also curious why you have not received any money, up to this point. You should have been getting paid for you lost time at work. In VA, you get 2/3 of what you were earning at work. I would imagine that if you go to court and fight to get the back pay, you would get a nice chunk of money, as long as your Dr. has said that you could not work at all.

I also get mileage for my Drs. appts. and I know a lot of other states get it too. I keep all of my appt. cards, for dr. appts. and every 3 months, I make a list of Drs., the dates I saw them, what they saw me for, and the mapquest's mileage for ea. Then I send it to my lawyer, who sends it to the i/c...I usually get the check within a month.

I just recently talked to my lawyer about permanent impairments, and for VA...as long as the impairment is not your back, you can request the i/c to accept your injury as a permanent disability. Once they do accept that, they will have to send you an addl. check. I am in the midst of getting my PI rating from the Dr. so that we can present that to the i/c and request a PI for my legs.

Good luck and please keep us posted.
you know, I do not know if the att. fully understood my questions since we were digging through all papers and such.I am going to talk to him again next week and ask him directly about how the money is handled.I know it will be different in each state.I am in Ky..I am drawing dis. but he said i should have been receiving checks from them too .I just wondered how much.I was at my last job for 1.5 years and made 6 to 8 hundred a week driving a truck.I had to depend on my family and boyfriend for several years,boy what a change in life style.We can keep sharing what we know Thanks......
if workers comp is paying all your future medical treatment then there is no reason for a Medicare Set aside agreement; that is only needed when there is a lumpsum buyout of your work comp medical.
If a set aside is needed usually it is a one time payment not series of yearly payments.
generally those awarded permanent total disability get disability payments for life.
To find out more about Kentucky work comp read the handbook
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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