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Something strange happened
Thanks Chris & Red,

Having something like this happen does make me feel paranoid. As for my co-workers being at the store, I do feel that was by chance as it was the day before Father's Day and a busy day for Wal Mart.

I do use the cane everywhere I go, there were so many people at the craft fair that it really is hard to say whether the lady from Wal Maft was there.

Red, This lady was young, I would say 50's, she had slacks and a nice shirt on. Yes, she may of had mental issues. It really is hard to say.
Was there anymore shopping carts available? I know of a few times when I went to Walmart and all the carriages were taken and so were the hand baskets. Just curious as to why she would follow you around and not just grab another one.
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I would think the co-workers in the store and lady in the lot are unrelated. However, sounds like lady in the lot was unbalanced or w/c i/c surveilance (although, how do you tell the difference? aren't they one in the same?).
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I went in the garden center door and there was a row of shopping cart next to it, so that wasn't an issue.
I got my shopping cart from the parking lot.


Good point!
BK, Next time , Run her down with the cart,,,,,,,,, That would give her something to yell about.

But it sure was a strange thing, would make anyone wonder.....
That sounds pretty fishy to me. Maybe all of the planets were aligned and it just happened (NOT!!!). I think I was being watched last week but I busted him. I walked down alley and came in behind him and took a pic with cell phone then asked him what he was doing there. He hasn't been back since. Big Grin
Nothing changes when nothing changes
Great suggestion, I love it!

Was it the week to watch Kansas IW's?

I have summer tutoring this week, I have 5 children I will be transporting to tutoring. I will have my eyes open.

Thanks everyone

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