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Look Out Everybody It's Friday The 13th!!!!!!
I still move snakes off the road when I can find them! They serve there purpose in life for without them we would be over run by mice, LMAO!

I can't believe Jayne hates cats but likes snakes, that is different, ROTFLMAO Smile
Please click the link below to help provide food for homeless animals. It's free and only takes a second of your time! Thanks Smile

I have 2 ball pythons...and I love them!! One is a baby about 1.5 feet long and about an inch in diameter....her name is Shylo and she is about 6 mo old... my other is 3 years old and is 3 feet long aand about 2 inches in diameter...his name is Squirrel...they are great creatures.
Hi Guys well those unagressive rattle snakes I was telling you about must have been in really bad moods this weekend. Say a prayer for my brother in- law who took a bite to the hand on Sat. He was showing a young guy how to ease the snake out from under a rock and for some reason hubby and I can't figure out he reached to grab the tail when he couldn't see the head. The first thing out of his mouth was. " I really screwed up, I'm hit." The other bite happened at the snake hunt at the sportmans club when a guy was trying to handle 2 snakes at once. Again he shouldn't have been doing this and he was hit 3 times by the same snake. Both had massive doses of antivenom and are in major hospitals in the ICU units. I won't be on for a day or two unless I can get on later. I could kick brother in laws rear for this one and hope everyone at the hunt learned a lesson from it.............
Backache- Sorry to hear your hunt didn't go as planned. Prayers are going up as we speak for everything to be ok with both of them.

Looking forward to meeting you at the castle.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Dear BA,

I am so sorry,Well ICU is where they need to be, one of my old running grounds they have alot of high tech stuff there and hopefully the poison people have new remedies today that work better and faster then the olden days....God Bless

Hey Monster,

How do you get them out of the roadway without them thinking you are its enemy? I know down here there are too many poisionous ones but I guess you know the difference....

we are trained from birth to know the difference we are also told a non will kill a poisiones one so leave em alone...there is nothing prettier than a poisioness snake they are beautiful.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Well brother in law kept his sense of humor through this one. On the way off of the hill I made sure I knew all of his meds, medical history etc. so I could tell the medic. She asked him "Are you allergic to anything and he looked at her and said "I think I may be allergic to snake venom". No kidding his lips were already turning blue and going numb........He is being released already today , but they don't know for sure if there is any neurological damage yet. That is the side that was affected when he had his stroke so it's hard to tell yet how much lasting damage he will have.
Well at least he is being discharged and not ____. I sure hope this is his last snake hunt. And hopefully others learned a lesson from this awfull event. The good lord had to be watching out for him. How is the other person doing that was bit?.
BA - so sorry to hear about you BIL. Hope he will not have any lasting effects from it.

Jazzi - the last poisonous snake I saw up here was a Mojave Green. They are very aggressive and VERY poisonous. Those you do not mess with under any circumstances, they will come at you for no reason and have a very bad temperament (kind of like me when I wake up, LOL).

Anywho, snakes are getting hard to find here. I usually see them if I'm driving around dusk, they come out on the roads to get warm. If they are not poisonous I will pick them up and move them off the road...if they are I try to find something to move them with and if I can't I leave them alone. I used to hunt sidewinders and rattlers but now feel guilty over it. Now I try to help them if I can. I used to be a bad monster, but now try to make up for it....
Please click the link below to help provide food for homeless animals. It's free and only takes a second of your time! Thanks Smile

Hi everyone BIL is home , but in pain. The other guy is doing OK as far as we have heard. BIL had every nurse and Dr. in UPMC in his room because they all wanted to see what a snake bite looked like. I hope there are no lasting side effects from the bite and I'm still going to give him he// the next time I see him..... BA

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