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Burn victims
Hi, Im a newby I was at work at a food manufacturng plant and the line broke and three 7lb jugs of chocolate syrup fell in both legs, I now have 2nd and 3rd degree burns, I work for a "temp" agency and the WC dr. gave me time off. After I notified the agency about this, they then called and asked me was I gonna come in to work. What should I do first??Sad
I'd tell them first that you were going to the doctor and then you would let them know what he has to say...
stiffnecked Wrote:I'd tell them first that you were going to the doctor and then you would let them know what he has to say...

Should I talk to a lawyer also, just in case the agency i work for wants me back to work, there is a witness also to what happened.
Should I talk to a lawyer also, just in case the agency i work for wants me back to work?
There's a witness also to what happened.
Bronzegle- Welcome to the forum.
Sounds like you may need to start talking to w/c lawyers. Talk to more than one before you decide who is best for you. Also go to the top of the page and read about workmans comp in your state.

Come often to share, ask questions or just share there is a great group here that is always willing to share what we know or head you in the right direction.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Thanks guys, well as usual it does get's worse, I was sent to a burn specialist and he immediately said i will need surgery. So I am scheduled to have skin grafts on thursday. My job isn't telling me anything, and I haven't received any pay and now all my bills are due. I didn't know how uncooperative temp agencies can be.
Bronzegle, first things first; Please let us know what State this happened in. You can modify your profile so we would know this when answering questions. It does help, trust me.

1. You first obtain the Workmens Compensation Insurance from the employer you were working for at time of injury. Also get the Policy number, Phone number, and who to contact.

2. You ask the employment agency if they have work comp insurance.

3. You file a first injury report with the agency, and that employer in writing.
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
Bad Boy Bad Boy, thanks, the state is Alabama, Im going to the doctors and having P-therapy daily, Im having surgery on 6/19/08 skin grafts, talked to a lawyer and this one is speaking my language, the rep from the company called me the other day and asked why wasn't i at work and like duh... I was injured and she didn't know that I was hurt, talking bout a lack of communication!!! These guys are never available to talk to me about the WC and I have no money coming in to pay my bills.
and may not for awhile.......first and formost DO AS YOUR DOCTOR SAYS follow his instructions ......go to your boss or HR person and give her a copy of your docs report and weather or not he is taking you off work...if he does not take you off work you will not be paid for lost time....99% of all WC cases are handled with no problems......once you have problems then interview and hire the best WC attonery you can then let him do his job......Call your morgage,landlord and explain what has happened most will work with you ditto car note and any Credit cards you may have....if it looks like you are gonna be out awhile look for places to cut cost....ie cable,dinner out or child care if you are home....it could take as few as 2 weeks or as much as never to get a WC check......Most adjusters have to divorce themselves from clients problems in order to keep sane..and most are good people but some......rest assured they get their check each week and they are not real worried weather or not you do....Sal Army and local church pantrys will help when they can.......good luck and welcome to the best WC forum in the united states.....
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