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Mayor gets w/c
This was in the morning paper- It is to bad that all w/c doesn't take care of all like this.

The payment approved by the village board last month is the fourth one Berman has received for injuries while working for local government.

Bergman, who is paid a salary of $40,000 as mayor, has received payouts totaling $145,463 since making his first worker’s compensation claim in 1986 while working for the Commonfields of Cahokia Public Water District.

Bergman declined comment on the latest payment when asked by the Belleville News-Democrat, but attornwy Rod Thompson said it was for leg injuries received in December of 2005.

CAHOKIA — A fall down stairs while on the job means that Cahokia Mayor Frank Bergman has received a village check for more than $20,000.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
It appears that those that have, GET...... If you and I were in public office or had a upper management position, (CEO, etc) we would receive what we deserve, instead of having to play the waiting game.
A true example of politics in work comp.

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