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My third IME
Hi, All,

I just completed my third IME today with the same ortho hand specialist who denied all medical care last year. Today, he ordered a nerve conducting test and I guess this is better than nothing, but I don't know if this test will really show why am I still having problems with my shoulders/arms/hands after all those surgeries for carpal tunnel/tendonytis and trigger fingers on both hands.
My shoulders burn constantly, my arms/hands go numb all the time and my fingers trigger.

My question is, does anyone has the same problems and will this nerve conducting test show why am I having all these problems?

I asked the IME doc if MRI can be ordered but he said, it depends what this nerve conducting test will show.
Katicabogar,I have some of the same problems as you it sounds like.I have had three operations on my right hand for CTS,tenosynovitus, and scar tissue.I have a trigger thumb.My doctor sent me for emg/ncv a little over a week ago.I won't know what the results are until June 13th when my doctor gets back in town.He ordered the tests after I started to get tingling in both hands and now my forearm is numb all of the time.So, for now it is just wait and see.I do know that the tests will show if there is any nerve problems.

I had carpal surgery in 1998. I am currently having problems with my right dominant hand. Tingling, shoulder pain, swelling of the wrist. I had two EMG's and both showed median nerve delay. Which the doctors all consider I have recurring carpal tunnel. Not one doctor will redo the surgery and now say that I have neuropathy and have to live with it, controlled by medication.

I just had a MRI on my neck due to all the pains you described above. My C5 of my neck was pinched severly and there is nothing the doctors can do they say. I also have severe arthritis crystals on the back of my neck discs causing the pinching. Your disc in your neck effect all of the things you mentioned. So having a EMG is good to find out about your nerves ,and also a MRI would show which disc's are effected.

Have you had therapy? The doctors will have you go to therapy, or have injections etc. I am going for a gangloin block in July to try to relieve the pain hopefully.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
Thanks for the replies.
Sparkey, I did not have therapy yet as w/c is denying all medical since 2006. That's why I had my third IME to fight it, because previous IME's decided they are not work related. I have a court date about my small fingers triggering in July, but not about the shoulders/arms or rest of fingers.
My doctor thinks I have herniated disk in my neck and it is related to my carpal tunnel, but w/c denied physical therapy what my doctor prescribed last December. I have a long fight and that's what I am doing since 2004 and hopefully the judge will side with me and I can get some type of treatment.

Just to show how crazy this system can be, I was sent back to Voc Rehab the second time, although two of my doctors and previous Voc Firm disagreed saying pention is the only option for me. I had a terrible i/c case worker, who did all this and spent thousands of dollars on Voc Rehab and IME's for nothing, because I am worst than ever.
Thank God, my caseworker just got pulled off from my claim and a new one was assigned, who seems more decent than the previous one. This one is trying to authorize medical care and hopefully will stop Voc Rehab as the Voc counselor requested, because I can't really do anyting with all these pain in my arms/hands.

I wish both of you the best and hopefully you get the needed treatment.

Thanks Cat, I hope the best for you also.


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