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Medical Deposition today
Well I have my Medical Deposition today finally after being reset 2 times. I hope I finally am allowed treatment and hopefully some kind of time loss. I still have not heard anything about my IME a few weeks ago. What a surprise there. I have a list of questions for my attorney that I have not got to talk to since April even though I call and email with questions and I get lucky if I get to talk to his assistant which is never any help. Still no treatment either except when I ended up back in ER the beginning of May. Anyway I have been studying Law and Ethics and also spoke to another attorney so depending on what my attorney says today I plan to fire him after the deposition and go with another attorney that is willing to fight to get me treatment. It is bad enough that I do not get any time loss or any income for 3 months now. They should at least allow me treatment. I truely feel that if they would of followed the directions that the Hopital said I need back in March when I was released after 8 days I would be better, but nothing. I was to go to a Neurologist, Pain managment, physical Therapy, Spine Doctor (I did get to see IC Spine Dr.what a joke there) and follow up with a primary care Dr. all of which has been denied for me to see by IC. I tried to complian to Industrial Commission and was told only my Attorney can and he did not, even though I emailed and left messages for him to do so and send me proof it was done. I have taken notes on everything every day I have contacted the media and I am writing letters to congress. It is not fair that middle class america works so hard and when they get hurt they are treated like they did something wrong. I mean there Spine Dr. even said I need a Neurologist and that I had bulging disks with an abutment to the spinal cord but yet said was not sure it was work related but in his IC report said was not work related.
He even said I had PTSD. Yea right that is why I laugh everyday, counsel my friends to cheer them up because they are going through depression etc. My family and friends said they cannot believe I am so happy all the time. Well I look at it as If you laugh and wear yellow and not worry about the things you cannot change it will all work out. So I sit at home as I have a hard time driving and study as long as I can until my eyes hurt and I shake to much to hold the book up. Why would someone that was making over $50,000 a year just sit home and fake an injury and have to sell there things to pay the bills. We are behind on our bills and they do not care. I just do not understand how they think but I decided I am going to advocate for injuried workers because someone has to stand up for them when no one else will.
Well have to get ready to go so I hope everyone has a very Blessed day and wonderful weekend ahead!!! Remember to smile it makes the world wonder what you are up too! It also lets IC know they can not beat you down. Do not get me wrong I am in pain all the time but I take advil (no DR. to get any pain meds)and deal with it I cannot complain it does not help so why bother.
Good luck to you INPAIN. I really feel for you as it must be hard to sit home in pain all day and try to study. I had a deep depression last weekend and did not get out of bed for almost 3 days. I have had this injury for over a year now and I think what put me in the depression was my IME result, the hearing I now have to go to, and the weight I gained when I weighed in at my primary care doctor last week. I gained 30 lbs. during this whole ordeal.

I am working full time and my pain is only getting worse that I cannot even put in a full 8 hours and I have strong medication that should relieve the pain. It takes the edge off to get me out of bed, that is about it. I know how badly we are treated, and I never did hire a lawyer because I hate waiting on things to be done. I like to be able to do them myself. If I had a lawyer I would be calling everyday.

I got a letter in the mail today from the Dept. of labor that I am now waiting on a hearing date. I have noone to go to bat for me in court, but gathering as much info as I can, and sofar have the IME report that is already a 10% loss of my arm. So I do not have much to lose. I hope that you can finally get some income or at least some pain relief. I know how it is to suffer and the depression only gets worse with Chronic Pain if untreated for. So be careful, and get the help you need before this happens to you.

Best of luck.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
Good Luck today inpain, I hope you get the medical treatment that you so badly need!
Let us know how it went, ok?
I'll say a prayer for you too! LillySmile
Injured worker, & tired of it all! I'm too old for games!!

A careless word may kindle strife, a cruel word may wreck a life, a timely word may level stress, and a loving word may heal and bless!
Well I am back and I am disgusted. First I got there about 45 mintues early as I was to meet with my attorney, then got a call from my attorney that he would be there on time or a few minutes late so no before consult. I got to talk to him about 2-3 minutes then he had to go he said. I guess I should of expected that as well. He was 10 mintues late and showed up wearing jeans and casual shirt. While the rest of us were dressed professional. He did call and the receptionist asked where he was and he was at lunch and on his way he told her then she told me. I am glad I did not matter that lunch was more important. He kept kicking me under the table. Well he should of met with me to let me know what codes he was going to use. I never said anything that was not true so not worried about that.
When it was over the IC attorney said ok we are done and started to get up. Then my attorney told me to go and asked the IC attorney to stay as he wanted to talk to him.
The IC attorney asked me if they authorize me to go back to the spine Dr. that my attorney sent me to not the one IC sent me to and a Neurologist that I wanted to see before will I go. I told him Yes that is all I have been asking for was to get treatment. He did seem surprised that I have no Dr at all right now.
So my attorney said he would call me this afternoon. I will not hold my breath for that one. I have no choice but to fire him.
The IC attorney had a copy of my IME report and made a copy for my attorney which he quickly put away, so I want a copy as well. It was a thick report. Are they usually thick? Anyway I am sure I will only get a few pages of it but keeping my fingers crossed I get treatment finally.

Thank you for wishing me luck so now I get to wait again.
That is the one thing I can say I am not depressed and have not been so far I just take life one day at a time.
Sparky I feel for your pain as I know what you are going through I am thankful mine has not been going on that long. I do not know how you can work. I know I cannot even do that. It was hard enough trying to drive. I was drifting into the other lane a few times so on the freeway I drove in the slow lane. They made me go 45 miles from my house to do this deposition. Any way we will see what happens next I am calling the other attorney first thing Monday.
I am so sorry for all that you are going through and I truly hope that you are able to find a lawyer that will fight for you. Thank goodness that you make and keep copies of everything, so the new lawyer will not have to fight to get reports etc.

Please let us know what you hear from today's hearing...I am praying that you get to begin treatment.
Trust me it is not easy to go to work with a dominant hand constantly in pain even with meds. My husband got me this job with him and I am trying every day to not let him down. I can pretty much stop working when I need to take a break and go to the apartment which is 10 mins. from work. Sometimes i just go there on my lunch break and use my Tens unit and then go back.

I have a great paying job, even better than the job i had when injured. Alot of people rely on me, and like i said, it is something i do not want to end up unemployed and sitting home instead. I know some people have no choice, and I am lucky sofar i am not one of them. It would put me in a deeper depression state.

I am scheduled for a gangloin block the end of July. That is all the pain clinic can offer me now. I am at MMI and the best they say i will ever get. It is just one more thing to try to relieve pain. It is a tough decision to make, as the side effects, risks that go with it. My cymbalta seems to be working better now than the first time i tried it and stopped. I really needed to try taking it again to live. Sofar so good the past few days.

InPAIN i hope everything works out for you with getting a treating physician. I would get rid of that lawyer you have, as he sounds like he is not focused on your case. Maybe has to much going on , or to many other people. I think you could possibly do much better.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
Dear InPain and Sparkey,

My heart goes out to both of you! I am sitting here beyond pissed that in this so called great country of ours people are going through this type of hell. There are so many on here and probably a million more, it's heart breaking as well as really making me angry! I read a message board based in the UK that I found googling my injury and reading about how things are handled there, in Europe and Canada, while not perfect, make the US look midievall!

InPain, don't know what state you are in, but you should report your so-called attorney to the Bar Association and anywhere that reviews/rates attorneys be it on line or in the press. Hell, write a letter to the editor of your major newspaper and tell your tale. People need to know and be warned about incompetant asses like him. Wouldn't think it was libelous or slander as it's all documented!

Are there organizations out there that assist people who are in these circumstances? Help point in right direction to get relief, medical, pyschological, financial, etc. Some type of non-profit? We should get together, get organized, find funding, and start one! (Easier said than done!) Though I suppose, in a way, that's what all you great people on here are doing!! But to be able to have an advocate that attends hearings and everything with you, offering support and a friendly face, that isn't in it just for the $. That would be amazing. It would take some serious $ to be a national organization. Think we could get Oprah interested? (LOL! But when she gets involved and puts her $ behind stuff, things do happen!) It's insane that the Worker gets the run around, and while I know that there are people who abuse the system, to punish people who are in pain and make them jump through hoops to get a pittance and meager medical care is beyond atrocious!

I hope that you can find relief for your pain soon, InPAin. Hugs to you and all the other wonderful souls here! Just had to vent, but it really makes me wonder about starting an organization. How does one go about something like that? and is it even possible? can you take on the whole IC and WC systems? Don't know, but worth looking into! Fairycatz
Happy Monday everyone,
I want to thank everyone for there support. I have contacted watchdog at the Arizona Republic with my story. So Hopefully someone will be willing to help not only myself but all of you that are going through the same similar things with WC.
I will be doing research as long as I can to get the word out. The general public I thing would be in awe over what has happened to working class Americans that have been injuried. The one thing with me is I am very compassionate about people and when I feel so deeply about an issue I will see how I can help and this time it is for my health as well as all other injuried workers.
We all worked hard for our employers and when we get hurt they treat us like criminals and other people treat you like a handicap person.
I just do not get it. Yes there are probably people out there that take advantage of the system but if it is so apparent that you need treatment I just do not see how they can deny it. Still no call from my attorney so me firing him will have to be in an email since I can never reach him. I am going to place a complaint against him as well. Thank you for the advice on that fairycatz. I think I was most discussed with him friday when going to lunch was more important then his client and the way he showed up and sat in his chair. I requested a copy of my IME so lets see how long it takes to get that since the IC attorney only made a copy for my attorney. I really want to see what there Neurologist said about me with all the things I have heard about this guy.
I will keep everyone posted as I still smile and laugh as I will not let them beat me down to depression they are just giving me more will to fight for myself and others. If I had the money I would go to Washington DC, Congress anywhere I had to fight for the injuried workers but I will start with letters, emails etc. So please do not let any pain or situation get you depressed because then they win. Think positive every day. I look in the mirror everyday and say it is going to be a fabulous day 3 times. Because remember only you can choose your mood etc. I choose to be happy as I cannot do anything about the pain I am in 24/7 except take advil so that is what I do.
Have a Blessed week!

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