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Notice of Ability to return to work
I received this in the mail today. In '99 when I received this within 48 hours I received a notice from my employer giving me 48 hours to return to work or I would be in abandonment of my position. I have a call into my attorney now. Of course the IC is requesting that they stop my benefits. Their IME is saying that I can return with no restrictions and that although the spine specialist I was seeing when first injured and the JUdge both agree that my injuries are work related he disagrees. He feels everything is from old age. I know my attorney has to file something. Here is my question. Because of the way I have been treated from day one of this injury I break out in a sweat, shake and am in tears in an instant at just the thought of walking back in there. I also know what my job entails and CANNOT do it without reinjuring. What part does my Dr. play in this? I just saw him to day and he ordered an MRI of my neck and shoulder to see if anything has changed because the pain is still the same as it's been for 2 years. ANyone have any words of wisdom?

Cap, you and many know the IC isn't going to allow us to just hang on and continue medical and all, without putting up some kind of a fight. They always find time for it. The IME said one thing, your Doctor surely said another. Your Attorney then, must bring it all up in front of the Hearing Officer again. It's just the same ole same ole stuff they put us through.

As for your PTSD or what it might be, are you being treated, and hopefuly it's been noted as related to your work injury. Your Attorney needs to bring that up also.
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Hi BB...... Thanks for the quick response. No my PTSD is not in my claim. I was dx almost 8 years ago and it's not work related. I did talk to my attorney in the meantime and learned something of value. In the IME report the DR. states that he feels my neck and lumbar are fully healed and not work related but never mentions my shoulder, knee or ankle. Well the Judge picked up all 5 body parts and unless all 5 are healed this should never have been done. The IC should not have filed a petition to stop my benefits. So we will go forward with a depo from the IME and will take it from there. My Dr. and the spine specialist who I used to see both feel I am as good as I'm going to get and that all is work related and I will have a certain amount of pain for life. Neither sees me as a surgical candidate.

Cap, do you go to a pain clinic? Just curious as I too was told I am going to be as good as I can get and that mine is work related and to continue going to a pain clinic for meds.

Right now I am waiting on a hearing date to dispute my ratings. I was forced to wait for my 10% award till the hearing. Because of the difference between the two doctors.

Are you on disability? Have you gone to voc. rehab? What does the doctor say about returning to some form of work within your restrictions? If i recall, you are out of work right now? So they must of put you at MMI if they said you are as good as you will get?
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
Cap., if Your Attorney doesn't reply to this Notice Your Benefits can stop, and Your Case and Medical can be Closed. You are probably going to have to File a Petition to Review the Notice, and You are going to have to have Proof from Your Dr. that You can't Return. They can Send this Form to You when Their Dr. Releases You, so the Judge is going to have to decide which Dr. is More Credible. When Your Attorney Returns Your Call He/She will probably explain exactly this to You. This was a Big Part of My Case, and if You PM Me, I will be Happy to Tell You a bit More about ti if Your Attorney doesn't Satisfy Your Questions when they Call! Good Luck, and Please let Me know what Your Attorney Tells You!!Wink

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