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seizures from accident
Hello all-

Got a quick and painless question for all of you...I was in an auto accident back in 2006 while delivering pizza in ARIZONA for my nite job. I sustaineded a closed head injury, bleeding in the brain, for which i was induced into a coma for a few days. Anyway...ever since, about every two to three months, I would suffer nocturnal seizures, wetting the bed, biting my toungue, and experiencing a hazy feeling in my head for about a week afterwards. My last one was July 2007, so far so good since. I am on medication, Depakote and Carbatrol, for this, and will be most likely for the rest of my life. My question...would this be considered when arriving at a settlement offer when it is indeed offered? As a side note, I did also have my left leg amputated above the knee just this past Feb, as a result of an infection I had been battling for over a year...I am back full time at my day job (desk, full duty), they hired me back (at much less and a different job) after being off for 9 months initially.

Just curious! I am trying to see if I need a lawyer or not...I know the leg is worth a whopping 66,000 paid over 50 months. 307 a week. yay. but i am hoping the head injury is worth more in an unscheduled settlement, cause the past two years have really sucked...
Yes head injuries are a ratable permanent impairment under arizona comp law.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
1171 Wrote:Yes head injuries are a ratable permanent impairment under arizona comp law.

thank you very much. i appreciate it!

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