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Facet joint Injections
Hello again
I haven't been on here in quite a while and only recognize one name on the posts (Jaynes). So it must be a while

I am going for facet joint injections next Tuesday because the epidural injections just don't work. For those that don't know it is for my Cervical spine where I had surgery on my C5-7 back in March of '07 (fusion with instrumentation). Has anyone had good luck with these and what can I expect?
I will be sedated

Take care and Be Well
Take Care and Be Well
I had a facet joint injection of the lumbar area and it did help for a short time.

The day after the injection I went shopping at the mall, something I hadn't done for two years .
Thanks Bummer knees
I would be happy with that!
Take Care and Be Well
welcome home darlin come back more often.......yeppers Jaynes still here making Admins life exciting
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Hello again
Here it is, 4 days since my injections and I must say something finally gave me some relief. I am not 100% but I can sure go on living this way. I had 5 injections all on my left side and and I have a follow up on the 12th I believe. I will then most likely get my right side done while I'm on vacation in the beginning of July.
Although we would all like to just give up at times ( I know I had those days ) we must be determined and have faith that something will come along for the better. Smile

Take care and be well

Hello Jayne Smile

Bummer knees
How many follow up injections have you had or was it only the one set??
Hope you're feeling better
Take Care and Be Well
I only had one injection in the facet joint. Because the relief was not 100% immediate relief after the injection the doctor refused to do any more. I do feel the injection was a success in the facet joint as I was able to do somethings I hadn't in 2 years.

I did have 3 injections at the S1 nerve root and had some relief for a few days. The S1 nerve root injection was not as successful as the facet joint injection.
Thanks bummer knees for the reply. Hopefully some long term relief will come your way
Take Care and Be Well
Welcome Back tpm don't be such a Stranger!!! I Hope the Injections Work for You and have a Great Weekend!!Wink
Thanks Limbo

How you feeling these days?? better I hope
Take Care and Be Well
Hi Tom glad to hear you got some relief ...
Are you still moving 1 1/2 inch hoses and trucking ?

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