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Question? Loss of strength in arms & hands
In December my husband and I were in an auto accident dunning the Tulsa ice storm.

Hard muscle spasms started in my neck later the day of the accident and stayed this way for months.

I did receive 2 weeks of physical therapy and the end eval show hand grip strength at; left/9, right/6, normal is 60.

The muscle spasms have improved, although I still have them along with pain and muscle tightness in the shoulders.

I do feel as if I am loosing strength in my arms and hands, I now need tools to open jar lids and drink containers.

Would the loss of strength be related to the neck injury?
It is possible. But to, 60 is not a requirement, it is a level of a guideline. Not everyone has strong hands. If you wish to strenghten those hands, search for hand strenghten excersises on the net. They are very simple, and if anything benefit you.
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Thanks Bad Boy

Another symptom I have is pain down the arm (inside of elbow) and extending between the two little fingers.
Bummer, pain in the elbow, extending to fingers. That issue is this, is the pain coming from a signal higher up, or is it being generated at the hand or wrist? You need to perform moist heat, work your hands out, then Ice them up after so. It's just my opinion, if doing that, and the proplem is higher up, you won't be hurting anything then.
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
Bummer my biggest complaint is a week left side,and has been since the day I got hurt....I fall alot ,cannot open most jars and now restrict my self to holding babies when sitting down(this is heartbreaking)I cannot trust my left side to do what I ask it ever..... I type and have to go back over it as the left hand is always hitting the wrong keys..I do not drive much because I cannot trust my left side or turn my neck to see well.....I suggest you ask for a disc o gram of your neck...it was Bad boys nagging that made me ask my doc for a MRI and got it that found some of the damage when the docs said it was in my mind....then the judge insisted on her doc seeing me and he insisted on a disc o gram and found the rest.......it wasnt all in my mind after all and if it hadnt been for Bad Boys nagging I would have taken WC docs word for it......My hands now cannot be relied on to do do anything I ask them to do.....somedays you cant tell....somedays I couldnt pass a field sobriety test.......so ask your doc for a disc o gram......
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

After the accident the doctor have me a diagnosis of myofasical of the neck and shoulders.

My right side is the worst, and I hold the cane in my right hand.
Hi Bummer... I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this as well. I too would suggest you ask for Cervical and Thoracic 1-5 MRI. If you have any issues here such as a trauma or even DJD, it could create the symtoms that you refer too. Also muscle strengthening is measure on a scale of 1-10 and with your stated measurements, you have some weakness in your left hand and almost half of your strengthing in your right hand. The MRI will tell you why, the neurologist I assume that did your stengthing or even PT/OT your measurements, tell you the result of the why.

This type of assessment is something that I have measured by my neurologist a mininum of every three months for the past 12 years. For of my plague, or injury is in my cervical and brain stem which attaches it self to the Cervical 1. As a result I have less upper body strength than lower body strength. I am ordered a comparison MRI with contrast at least every year. (Unfortunately I am extremely clastrophobic. I almost died when I was 4 years old because my goofy little brothers locked me in an old refrigerator on my grandparents back porch. So I do everything possible to get out of the annual MRI if possible. Unfortnately I have had two MRI's in the last 6 months due to attaches etc. I would actually have another LP done before I would go through a MRI...can't take it so they always run Ativan IV the entire time I am in...which is uaually around 4-5 hours at a time and I just sleep.) Back to the program here...lol... you really need that MRI...and it needs to be done with contrast. Assure he orders it before you go to the setting. You will know when they put an IV in your arm and run some fluids.

Your strength is not good, and you could rebuild especially your left arm which is a 9, however, if it is neuro related, (which means it is not getting the messages from your brain to your regions of your hand to do certain things, then exercise in itself will not bring your #6 strength back to its original strength by excercise. This is why you need to get this MRI.

Also did they give you a result on rotation and movement of your hands? These scores will also give you some idea of what is happening and excercize will help this also if you have messages coming through. In 1996 when I woke up early and could not move anything from my neck down, I was very weak. That day, I was in Bethesda MD by myself, my husband and children where in Okinawa Japan, and my other family in Oregon. The room was dark and cold, and I suddenly realized as I tried to pull a blanket up on me, that I could not move. Fortunately for me my taxi driver that i had scheduled the day before to take me to the airport and the desk clerk at the hotel, found me and sent me to Bethesda MD National Navy hospital..then they sent me to Walter Reed Army hospital. Upon my arrival, my strength was a R/2 and the other side was L/0. I had no strength. My lower extremities were r/0 and l/0... On my last eval, my strength was a R/6+ and my L/ 4+. Consequently you can see that a 6 measurement is not very good, but the 9 is most likely normal for your age range. Also remember what it is they are truly measureing. They are measuring your strength of your muscles in a particular region of your body. Muscles are only as strong as the message they recieve to work. So then the next step is to find out why... you have the results that are less than typical. After they find out the why then expect to go to the therapies again. Bummer have you thought about asking for some counseling also. you have been through so much that maybe you do need some help in sorting it all out. I am not saying I say anything here that would lead me to suggest that, but it is from my own experience that I realized that while I am the tough lady down the street, I am also having a very difficult time wiht my issues and I need help from time to time... mostly more time than less time. I also know I may not be here to day if I had not had their help along the way. I just some food for thought...love you Bummer...and I miss you greatly. I wish you were coming to PA as well... I had such a great time in Tulsa with you and everyone else...love you Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Hi Red,

I also wish I were going to PA, I believe your trip is in late June.

June 23rd is when I am scheduled for my total knee replacement, the doctor says I will be in the hospital for 5 days, so I guess PA is out.

Thanks for the medical information.
i was thinking about you but knew you couldnt make it YOU will be missed
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
absolutely sweet tooth... Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

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