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Surgery Went Great-Our Prayers at Work Again!!!
Hi Everyone, I Hope You are All Well!! My Surgery went Very Well, and the Ear Canal is Rebuilt and Grafted, and the Dr. said My Ear Drum looks Very Healthy!! I should regain Most, if not All of My Hearing in My Right Ear!! The Surgery took about 2 Hours, the Hospital was Absolutely Great and I couldn't have been Treated any Better!! Other than some Excessive Bleeding Yesterday when I got Home All seems Well, We called the Dr., and She called Us back in about 5 Minutes, Talk about a Great Dr.!! I'm more Sore Today than I was Yesterday so I'm going to go, Thank You for ALL of Your Support Everyone, and I should be Back On in a Couple of Days!! And Red My Dear, if You get Back on Before Me, WELCOME BACK and I Hope You are feeling Much Better!!Smile
Still...I was thinking about you all day and praying for a great recovery. Thank you for letting us know that you are doing so well. Please take it easy and follow all the doctors orders and then come back to your on line family. We / I miss you when you are not here.

I guess you know now..I am home. I got here Friday and read that your surgery was on Saturday. I was so glad to hear that... see ya when you come home...Red
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Thank you giving us the good news, and for not allowing us to worry too long. I hope all goes well for you and that you'll have your hearing back in no time at all. Glad our prayers could help.
Take care
Still,I am so happy to hear that your surgery was a success! Congrats to you!

Oh Limbo what wonderful news. Now prayers will continue for a full, speedy recovery. God bless.

Still In LImbo,

Been thinking about you all weekend. Thank you for updating us on your surgery.

Take care and get some rest.
Limbo, I'm so glad to hear from you, I was waiting as you know, and I said I would be. I'm glad this went well for you. I'm even more happier to hear you been treated like a human. Take your time now, and just relax.
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Congrats on the surgery being a success. Prayers that your recovery will complete and quick !! You sound like you are in high spirits even with all that you have been through.

Take your time and heal .. we will all be here waiting for your return.

Angel ^j^
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Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
THANK YOU JESUS.................
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