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Doctor's office called.........
A friend of the family, a correctional officer will care for my children while I am in the hospital and help-out the weeks following surgery. My husband often works out of town with June & July beiing the busiest time of year at work.

And the week of my surgery my son will be in summer school.

I am Program Coordinator (volunteer) for a summer tutoring/speech therapy program for 47 special needs children held the month of June. I have talked to board membrs and they will take over the last week of
the program.

I do believe things are comming together.

Oh BK..I am so glad you finally were able to get this scheduled AND found a friend to help out. Wishing you a successful surgery, then concentrate on a full recovery. Take time for yourelf now and take care of you when possible so you're well rested at the time of surgery. My prayers will be with you always. God bless.

Dont worry my friend with all the prayers going up things will be just fine.......you know the drill,gro shop fix meals in foil pans and freeze......Between now and then just fix double the main course in your meal and freeze half ......you will have plenty......crockpot meals are a blessing during this time also...we will remember you daily in our family prayers.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I recieved information from the surgery center about the test I need to have done previous to surgery.

Doctor wrote a script for coumadin 5mg, I need to take it the day before surgery.
Anyone know what this medication is for?
Coumadin is a blood thinner BK..it will protect you from blood clots and is a good thing Smile Glad that things are coming together and that you found a friend to help. Smile
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Glad to hear you are going through with it. Also organizing things ahead of time will help you alot. My mother made alot of dishes she froze also in the freezer so that she could just pop them in the oven and did not have to stand for long periods of time.

My oldest daughter will be having her surgery on the same day so I will be thinking of you also. I wish you luck, and hope all goes well.
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Bummer, Glad to hear that you set the date. I understand the fear for your children, but remember that the longer you wait the more damage that can be done. You will be surprised how much better you will feel when you get this all behind you. Prayers and angels coming your way.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
bummer ... coumadin is a slow absorbtion blood thinner. It is given to people who may be at risk for a blook clot after surgery. Since you surgery is on the Knee you are most definitely at risk from lack of exercise after surger. When I was in the hospital the nurses would always bring a heparin medication which is a shot given mostly in your abdomen. It is similar to a diabetic injection. Also, heparin is a fast acting blood thinner where as coumadin is a slow blook thinner...expect for them to order a heparin shot daily or even twice a day while you are in recovery. It is a practice used to prevent a clot from beginning. I hope that helps...love Red
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Red, Two years ago I had an IME done.
The IME doctor requested a test to be done (asap) to check for blood clots in my leg.

He said the size difference in my entire leg and other factors pointed to me being at risk for blood clots.
I had the test and the results were normal.

When you mentioned blood clots it got me thinking.

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