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Tommorow Knee Scope Surgery
Thank you all so very much, for all your thoughts and prayer's.

Scope went fine, had a Flap Tear in the Medial Meniscus, which was removed. The Medial is the one on the inner part of the knee joint. The Surgeon did find a strange bone matter under my knee cap also. He did remove this also. It looks like a very large piece of rice, that didn't belong there. He could not find anywhere in there where a bone could of chipped off. He said the finding was strange then. Well that went off to the lab. Waiting results on that. But he did say it was of a bony material ( like ). I found I was having problems with the crutches, I think because all these years I was so use to putting my right foot and leg forward. So I used the walker unit instead. Hope to be walking without devices by later today or sat. Surgeon said as soon as comfortable it will be just fine to walk on it. I'm in good to great spirits, thanks to all of you here. That helps so much, hope you all know that, and that means alot to me also.

Some minnor reading if anyone would like it below.


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Great News BB...continue to heal!
((Hugs)) LillyBig Grin
Injured worker, & tired of it all! I'm too old for games!!

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Great News BB...Red
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