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WC or Use vacation ?
My employer is asking me if I want to go through with my WC claim or use my vacation and personal days. This sounds very fishy to me. Why would I want to use my vacation days for an injury that happened on the job? If I did that, then I would have to use my own insurance. If my insurance found out that it was a work injury, they wouldn't pay for it anyway. Any suggestions?? I've been off since the 15th of April and I heard you don't get any pay for the first 3 days, is that correct?? THANKS!
The waiting period depends on your state. Also, you must be off by a doctors note not just because you don't think you can work.

Tell us your state and someone may be able to help you better.

Also, you are correct. If it happened at work, your health insurance will most likely deny it. And the longer you wait to file your claim, the harder it may end up being.
Illinois is the state. I've been to the doctor 3 times already for treatment. I actually need a doctors note to go back to work. THey did not need a note for me to be off work.
Yes, in Illinois, if off work more than 7 days, and after 14 days off, you will obtain 66 2/3 pay from day 1 off work. If injured, and depending on the injury, Family Medical Leave can also take place. In some cases depending on company policy or not, the employer demands you use up Vaction and sick pay before Work Comp pays. This allows the employer to recup your time off work, and not lose you again during Vaction time. Like I said though, it depends on policy. If your not to be out of work long, and less then a week or two, you just might want to take the vaction time, and let employer's pay the medical bills. Not your Insurance. As long as injury was reported, it a Work Comp case.
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you are entitled to 60% of your wages for w/c and if that is not enough to take care of you, you can use some of your sick time to compensate or vacation time, the wc is tax free and free of deductions so if you wan to just use some sick or vacation time just to take care of insurance premiums or just to keep yourself on payroll that should be up to you, you can talk to your employer and let them know that the 60% is not enough to take care of you and they should let you use a small # of hours per week to carry you over.
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mmmmmmmm not really you need to pick one or the other
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i would not use ur vac time on a work injury but thats up to you.ur boss doesnt want to turn ur claim in and ur health ins can go back and make you pay for anything that was turned in to them related to ur work injury.
Each day is not a rite,it's a given.

I used all of my sick and vacation time, since it was more than the 60% that I would get from w/c. When that ran out, I then used w/c. As for medical treatment, I used the company to pay for my medical.

As for what your employer is asking you, he wants you to do everything through your personal insurance, so he wont have to pay anything. Do not do that because later on when your injury is worse and your insurance decides not to pay for anything, it will be too late for you to file a w/c case.

Good luck and keep us posted.
I am in NH and when i was injured, i had a doctors note that kept me out of work. I did not get any sick pay and had to wait a few days to be out before i was able to get any money. ( I think 3 ) once i was out 7 i collected the 3 days i lost.

I WOULD NOT use your vacation time. Vacation time is for what it says it's for. VACATION!!!! When you are injured that is NOT a vacation. When i finally got put back to work on light duty, i gave my notice and used up the rest of my vacation as that. I had a week of vacation time, so gave a two week notice and only worked one more. That way i got my vacation before my new job. But, every state is different.
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