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Is anyone dealing with a Wal-mart or Sam's Injury?,
I would like to know if anywone is dealing with a wal-mart or sam's injury. I am out of work right now with this back thing, and wc is cooperating well as far as i know, the point is waiting between the dr and the co. for approvals on procedures that need to be done(while i am in pain). While i am in touch with my co-workers while i am home i recieved info that i was an indirect subject at their store meeting yesterday it was stated for associates to"be careful and use team lifts when lifting so you won't injure your back, these work related injury bills are killing us" I also urge workers to be careful, that really makes me feel like i need to find something else once i am able to work again.
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I worked for Wal Mart years ago and they are very proud of the fact that they have very few work related injuries.

When I worked for the company Sam Walton was alive and our store receive personal training from Sam, things were ran differently then.

Since i quit this job many of my former co-workers have been injured on the job and threatened with their employment and company stock if they file a work comp claim. I have heard the same story from several former co-workers so I do believe it to be true.
As stated, your not having problems as of yet, other than waiting for approvals. It is like many injured workers, we all wait for them, even though we are in pain. It's sad, but happens all the time, not just Wally world employee's.

Other issue being said, indirect meeting. Well, using an Example to work in a safe manner benefits other employee's. There is no Law against that. In fact ones injury may benefit another down the road to prevent an injury.
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I worked as a manager for them for 10 years saw a lot of garbage make sure you have a very agressive lawyer because believe me they do you have one lawyer and they have thousands. keep very detailed records.
As far as looking for another job we would take injured employees back but like every other employer if they want to get rid of you down the line they will.
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I hate to be the Devils advocate here , but whenever there is an incident that is job related there will soon follow a safety meeting. It would be very remiss of them if this did not occur. I will now change hats and be on your side....This more than likely has to do with the insurance Co. than the store that you worked for. Insurance Co's make billions of dollars in profit each and every year by being paid premimiums for healthy employees, but put a claim in and your employers premimiums are going to go up, so it goes without saying they do not want an injured worker. It is hard to do , but you must seperate WC with WC insurance Co's. They are not the same animal or even the same breed. It has taken me 10 months to figure this out. I have been treated well as far as I'm concerned by WC, now the insurance Co. that my employer had treats me like I am the scum of the earth. Hopefully this will not happen to you, but being forwarned may prepare you.
wallmart is not very good to there people.i know alot of people that they shafted after getting hurt and shafted people that didnt get hurt they stink.good luck hope they dont give you any problems.
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