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Employer is pushing me around!!
go figure we could have told ya that stick around we will tell you more....welcome home
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


Kate .... thanks so much. I never knew this and am so glad you posted the info. Very informative.

Welcome ariesbrat76,
You did not mention having a lawyer, GET ONE.
Nothing changes when nothing changes

I agree with Badboy - what is 5 minutes of your time. But when they ask questions make sure you stick to the facts, or even ask them if they have a form that the doctor can fill out each time you go so that you can give them.

The company I worked for when I was injured had a form that I took to the doctor each time and when I returned to work, I would copy that form (yes they were nice enough to let me use the copier) and then hand in the one to the Medical department. In my case I never dealt with HR on my injury - just the medical department because of the size of the company I worked for.

When the nurses asked questions, I stuck to what I was told by the doctor and if they asked about my pain levels I would tell them bluntly how I felt. (somehow their reports kept saying my pain was getting better - when I would tell them it was getting worse.)

So these are some things you have to look out for.

Welcome to the family

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