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Still receiving TTD checks after MMI ?
I was put at MMI on Dec 4th, 2007. I keep reading that once you reach MMI your TTD checks stop why am I still getting them? One thing is that my employer has no job for me to return to. Does that make a difference? When the IC called my employer he told them that my job as general manager of the company had been replaced almost 4 years ago and since it is a small family business he had no other job open for me. Does the IC have to keep paying me the TTD check until they find a job for me. I have many restrictions from my FCE test and I am in pain management on morphine and other nerve related drugs for pain. I have driving restrictions on 3 of my drugs. I am also in vocational rehab with the IC with no luck finding a job. I have applied at over 100 jobs so far. My checks still say TTD on them . I am in Illinois.
every state is different maw I am no expert on your state....once I hit MMI by their doc here in okla the checks stopped....now they had to back pay me when I won but it didnt help that year I went without a check....in Arkansas when my honey was told he was MMI his checks went from TTD to PPD and was taken from his settlement.......I believe Tuffy is from ill.but my brain doesnt work so good anymore but you might try PM en her
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Im in VA and I asked my lawyer the same ?. She said that until they find me a job, they will have to continue to pay me the same amount. Now, I don't know if the type changes from ttd to something else, but the amount will stay the same.
Hi...I 'm in Mich....but i continued to receive TTD long after I was determined MMI. All the sudden, one day when i got my TTD check it was changed to PPD. I have no clue as to why, and my lawyer didn't seem concerned or surprised. So, I'd say enjoy the TTD while you can, as every ck that is TTD, won't be deducted out of your final settlement.
Take care, LillySmile
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