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new and maybe sunk? hope not!
Smile Greetings, this is my first time posting. First off I would like to extend my thoughts and prayers for all on this board. You don't know what it is like till you are there. I am from TN. I was injured at work Oct 30, 2007. MRI showed 2 herniated disk, L4-L5 s1 . Not real sure about all that. WC was supposed to contact within 2 days of notice of injury. They did not. WC was supposed to by TN law find causaution, or deny claim within 15 days. Claim was not denied until Jan 15th 2008. Saw ER Dr night of injury, written notice to stay out of work for 1 week have MRI. Next day had to go to company Dr who then released me to light duty that same day, after er Dr said nothing for 1 week. Then sent to orhtopedic Dr within to weeks. After seeing me suggested epidural shots, workers comp denied shots, and did not want me to see him anymore. Sent new panel of physicians, never got to see one again. Feb 8th I was terminated due to failure to call in, have dealt with severe pain legs, feet, feels like I am standing on razor blades at time. Others it feels as if there swelling out of the shoe. Back pain. State of Tn ordered a new physicians panel, since it was not correctly done when I first got injured. Finally got unemployment to come after, 63 days. I know WC has to pay my medical, even though I am no longer at company. Will I still be compensated for partial l loss. Am unable to find work, as the restrictions I am still under limit severly what I can, and can't do. How ever I can still work. Hold cigarettes for people, shave people. feed people thats what I did at the nursing home for light duty work after the injury.
In a nut shell, I know nothing about anything as most information has been light in forcoming. Yes, I do have a lawyer, one who no longer can find the time to return my calls. He says since I was fired, my settlement will be lowered. Thanks for anything you all can say. Vann
Welcome to the board although, like most, this is NOT where you want to be. Please be VERY careful with this injury. My DH has become permanently disabled due to W/C I/C procrastinating on treatment. His nerves were compressed so long his restrictions and pain are permanent. Go to the top of the page, find the TN rules and start there.
DH had posterior spinal decompresion, Bi-Lateral laminectomy L3-S1, Excision of L4-5 on L/side. 2/07
Ditto to what DH's BH...I have permanent damage due to the i/c either not approving treatment or because they put it off too long. I asked my lawyer what would happen, if while we were waiting for an approval for my surgeon to go back in and change out the screws and to make them stronger, the smaller ones broke off in my spine and I became paralyzed? She said unfortunately, the i/c does not care about my well being. She said the only thing they would have to do, would be to pay for my continued medical bills, but they would not be held liable for the pain and suffering.

I hope your lawyer does not give up on you and stop working for your benefit. Once I was fired, there was alot my lawyer still did for me and is still doing for me. I am not sure why yours said there would be less of a settlement because you were fired. My understanding is that there is only a settlement if you are declared to not be able to work anywhere and in any position. Perhaps that is your case, I am not sure. It would seem to me that you still have a ways to go as far as medical treatments and so how could a lawyer think that you are un-employable at this point? I would be pushing the lawyer to be working on getting your treatment paid for. There are so many conservative treatments to try and in the end, possibly even surgery. There is P/T, Aquatics, numerous types of injectiosn, Ultrasound, radio-frequency and those are just a few. If you have not had these, or the i/c has not approved to pay for them, then that is what your lawyer should be focussing on.

I wish you the absolute best and don't hesitate to come to the boards with questions.
keep on ur laywer make him talk to u.it might no hurt to talk to a employment lawyer a well.back pain is no fun good luck with ur back i hope you dont have to get fused thats no fun either been there done that.
Each day is not a rite,it's a given.


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