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Injured 8/06 while driving during work in KS. Initially went to my PCP, next to a string of WC docs, one doc. my lawyer sent me to, and finally a doc I decided to self pay. I am excited because even though every other doctor was unable to see anything significant with my testing this last doctor I paid for said "with your physical symtomology it's obvious that you need a discogram (which I have been asking for since 10/07)" So, I am pregnant!!! Good News but obviously cannot pursue a discogram right now. The doc. said to come and see him 2-3 mo. after the baby is born. Has anyone been in this situation pregnant and involved in WC? My WC doc. wants to put me at MMI at my next visit 2 wks from now. Any suggestions?
My opinion only is Why can you not be treated while pg ... MMI Means they cant do anymore for you .... and only THAt doctor ...
how can they put you at mmi.if they say you need the discogram?get ur drs notes and report and send it to ur wc people see what they say.if they give you any static and they probably will then ask for a second opinion from another dr.if they dont do the test you will keep having pain this will help pin point the disc thats giving problems.the test is not fun they inflicked pain to find the bad disc it the best way to find the problem thought.good luck.congrats on the little one it took us 13 yrs to get our girl well worth the wait thought.
Each day is not a rite,it's a given.

Hurt at work- it took us 10 years! We had consulted w/ a fertility doc back in 0ct. 07 but did not follow up because of pain,meds and testing being done for my back injury. My husband thought we just were't doing it enough which is a guy thing I think. I work in the health care field so I was making sure we were trying at all the right times. Things came to a screeching halt when I injured my back for many reasons. Talked with husband in Feb 08 and decided to start trying again and if it didn't happen from trying in Feb. we would have to go back to the fertility doc and follow up with his recc. (IUI and clomid). I about fell over when I saw the results. Found out on hubbys 39th b-day. It's still so early but are grateful that we can get pregnant w/out help.

I will take this recc. of the discogram to my WC doc and I know he will be pissed and no longer want to treat me which won't break my heart but since my lawyer sent me to him I might be minus a lawyer and a WC doc. My wc doc. thinks, because I have been asking for a discogram for a long time, that the only reason for me to get a discogram is if I am open to getting a surgery otherwise there is nothing that can be done with a positive discogram.
I had a positive disc o gram and no surgery................You know if its a good Doc he will take care ofg ya
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

ya i had a positive discogram and the only fix was surgery.then the dr said it would only take 2 hrs of surgery to fix,then he opened me up and found it was very bad and it ended up taking 4 hours.he said he never thought it was that bad until cut me open.
Each day is not a rite,it's a given.

thats good u didnt have to use drugs to have ur little one.we even tried fertility no luck and one day out of the blue if happened.strange things happen this good that they do good luck with the little one wish you all the best and you back as well back problems are no fun at all.good luck hurt
Each day is not a rite,it's a given.


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