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Found my Tens unit today
ok- here is where i got my replacement pads:
the initial cost is a little higher than some of the other places i checked, BUT, they have free shipping in the US, so the price per pad (with the free shipping) actually works out cheaper. they have the 2"x3.5" pad, 4 to a pack, for $7.50. They say the pads should last for 10-20 uses. a tip someone told me was if the 'sticky stuff' starts to loose it's 'sticky-ness', try a little spritz of water to re-activate it.
DH had posterior spinal decompresion, Bi-Lateral laminectomy L3-S1, Excision of L4-5 on L/side. 2/07

I have a lot of sticky pads as I have said before I have several tens units and they(supplier) use to faithfully send me a supply of batteries and stickies. not sure if they will fit yours but if you pm me your addy I could send you some.


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