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I brought this over from other side
I know some of you don't read the other part often so I brought this over.

I just received my IME from 1/29/08. It basically states there is nothing wrong with me and I should be able to go back to work full time....... There is no way I can possibly do this. This so called Dr. put everything in the worse way. He is an orthopedic, 71 years old who spent 1 hour and 15 minutes telling me he was not on one side or the other just because he was being paid by the IC. The rest of the time he told me about himself....How he had both shoulders replaced a knee replacement, back surgery and how he is semi retired except for doing these IME's 3 months out of the year and the rest of the time he spends traveling. I know most of his background including his religion. He spent approximately 15 minutes on the exam and several times he could not hear me when I spoke to him because his hearing aids apparently didn't pick up my voice...His first statement on the document states he was surprised that we made the trip because the roads were bad, it goes on and on. My neuro surgeon told me this man , who he knows, was not correlating the MRI and the Mylogram reports. Of course the IC lawyer is filing a petition to terminate comp benefits due to full recovery.....Since it is Easter weekend and I can't get my lawyer my question is What happens next? Do they just stop my benefits on their own or do they wait until the judge orders one way or the other. There is absolutely NO way I can go back to work as a nurse, or anywhere else for that matter, so if my employer calls Do I have to go back? Thanks for any help.
Baackache, Your checks will stop. Get your lawyer on the phone first thing Monday. Explain everything to your lawyer and get his help. Did the Dr give you any restrictions? Make sure you have them in writting. When you take them to your employer if they can find a position within your restrictions then they will have to continue benefits at lease while they send you to rehab or attempt to find a position. If your employer has a position make sure you do nothing that is on your restrictions. Good luck and keep use posted. As you said when we are well, they work use to death, but let use get hurt doing our job of taking care of others and then they no longer need use.

Prayers and Angels coming your way.

May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Unfortunately the IC must have told him I could not work with restrictions as a nurse so he said I could go back to work full time, no restrictions. Unfortunately the Dr. is an insurance whore, his words not mine. That is what he said. "I know there are many Dr's out there doing this just for the money, but they are insurance whores and I'm not". The next words out of his mouth were "I do this for three months a year and then my wife and I go on vacation the rest of the year with the money I earn". When he saw the look on my face he said "I will work for either side" and I'm 71 years old and I think I deserve to retire."
Backache...I truly am very sorry about this...it is just a disgrace that injuried workers are treated this way. I have heard one story after another about how the IC fight the claims, or delay care which worsens a person situation, or that they send you to a not so intelligent physician for an IME and he or she says what you recieved. I know we talked, and I know you have it all written down in terms of the IME. Also, RN is absolutely correct, call your lawyer immediately and ask about an emergency hearing. Then I believe it would be in your best interest to do an emergency visit with your doctor who is recommending surgery and take him or her the letter to read. Maybe he or she can examine you wiht a full documentation of why you can't go back to work and why his examine and the examine of the IME physician differ. Also I forgot to ask you, does the doctor who did your IME have a specialty and how long has he been doing it? This is just a thought, but maybe you could call the physician board in PA and asked about requirments for whatever specialty that the IME doctor has. Then do some homework on this physician and then talk to the board again. I went through this process about 8 years ago, to obtain infomation on my medical director. he was investigated and lost his position. It was a harsh thing to do, but it protected my residents in a particular home where I worked. The board in PA is very coorperative at least they were for me. I just got all my t's crossed and i's dotted as they say.

Usually Still is on in the morning and he will be able to help you more with this situation ...as he has been dealing with similar situations.

If you go back, you and I both know what your job is about. You have to push, squat, bend, and you stand for hours. As you told me you walked about 7-8 miles per shift, and I can definitely believe that. I use to work a job like this as an LPN. I am very fustrated that healthcare is like this when it comes to workmans compensation. We should all know better. We understand what people go through in terms of all our wonderful theories such as kubler ross... etc, and yet we do not support our own. If it were me, I would do my best to find you another job that would keep you within restrictions from your physician. I do wish you the best...I know from talking to you that you are my kind of nurse and I would have loved to have had the priviledge to work with you...I know your residents must miss you so much even if your adminstration is not working with you but against you. Love Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Hi Yes he is an orthopedic Dr. And according to him the best that ever was for the last 45 years. Believe me when I tell you that out of a 1 1/2 hour visit he basically talked about himself. He lied repeatedly on his report also. He would say in one part I had had a myoligamentous strain and in another he would question that there was ever anything wrong with me except DDD. He also said he thought I was in this for secondary gain. Unlike him who is definately in it for monatary reasons. I could lose everything over this..........Do I have to return to work if they call me in? I know for a fact I cannot do it and it would make things worse. I will talk to my lawyer in the AM. Thanks for being here everyone. I really need you now.
Hi Backache, as You know, You and I are both in Pa., and I have a Similar Situation. Their Dr. Says I can Work, while My Dr, States I am Totally Disabled, and I have the Opinion of about 7 both Ortho. and Neuro. Surgeons on My Side. Your Attorney has to Appeal the IME, and File a Petition of Medical Review by the Judge. During this Process, which may take a while, You will Continue to Receive Your TTD and Medical Care, until the Judges Decision. I would Suggest that You get a Second IME Opinion from an Independent Dr., but that is up to Your Attorney. I Have 2 FCE that allow Me to Lift only 5lbs. Occasionally, which under Pa. Guidelines is Actually considered Less than Sedentary!!! The Medical Evidence will be Reviewed by The w/c Judge, and They will Decide which Dr. is More Credible, theirs or Yours. So Rest Easy this Holiday, and get in Contact with Your Attorney when You Can! My Case is at the Point of Decision by the Judge, and it took 2 Years to get this Far, so Your Battle isn't over, it's Just Beginning!! Best of Luck, and Please PM Me with any other Questions!!Smile
Thanks Still wish I would have read this before my Easter was ruined. I didn't let it show but was very upset over this entire thing all day. I hate when Dr's lie, but I am thankful my hubby was there for the entire thing and can back my story up......

Morning backache...Limbo is right on target. My attorney has always suggested that when I have an IME that I also see my treating Dr. around the same time.

Still I wish I had known PA laws better when discussing this also... you are a gem and you have so much knowledge from the mere fact of living through it... i am so happy for back ache...this will give her so much relieve knowing that it works this way in PA.... thanks friend for helping a dear friend...love Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
I spoke to my lawyer today and he told me the same things as Still did. He is absolutely stunned by this mans report. The nuts and bolts of it say. You are completely healed, if you ever really were hurt, and you can go back to work no restrictions. How in the he// did I know to say it was the left side of my back and down my left leg prior to any tests if I wasn't really in pain? The damage shows up in the tests exactly where I complained of pain from the first minute it happened.

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