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new person here I have lots of ?'s
I am a 29 yr female injury in 2002 back,laminectomy2003 never totaly recoverd went back to work late 2003 been on pain meds since injury . july 2007 had severe flare up of injury had epiderals,pain blockers,pt,and now they want to do fusion.all docs say it is same injury from 2002,even comp docs.hearing this week to get case reopeaned anyone think i will have any problems?i really need them to pay for meds they are ovet 700 month and have lost my insurance 2 months ago and am paying everything out of pocket.I no longer work for same employer where accident occured,I needed to get a less physical job.so if everyone is in agrement that it is and from the same injury do i have anything to worry about . maryland wc
"anyone think i will have any problems?"
it's difficult to evaluate what we don't know.

"...do i have anything to worry about."
More then just medical opinion may be relevant to a successful court decision.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
if time has not run out on you yet and the first case was left open for.did you have a attorney? if so call they to see if they kept your case open for any legth of time.doesnt sound like it if your paying for your meds.good luck.
Why hasn't the WC/IC been paying for your meds all along? If this case was accepted to begin with medical should have been ongoing...
I agree with stiffnecked If you had an open claim your meds should have been paid for. Do you have a lawyer Hun???????
Tongue thanks to everyone who replied to me yes i did and do have a lawer things went well didt have to go to court after all,lawers came to agrement befor friday everything will be ok .

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