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Can't afford COBRA!
Upon my injury I was put on LOA without my knowledge, I was paying my share of my benefits on a bi-weekly basis, to keep them going. I received a letter from my company discharging me (one week notice), saying that I had exhausted my 6 month leave, leaving my family without medical benefits, I am aware of COBRA, but realistically who can afford that $965.00 per month expense.

Does anyone know of a program that I can buy into that is affordable?
most states have medicare for the children your spouse is just s.o.l,
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Unfortunately thre aren't many programs available for those of us affected by WC. Yes, there's state aid for your children for little or no cost. You and your spouse, well, unless she's working and is able to take out a family policy...then for the most part the adults are screwed. I hate to say it, but it's the truth. Now, there are some states that have low cost health benefits for families, don't know if your state is one of them or not. You'd just have to call your local office.
COBRA seems to be unrealistic for most...unless they're mostly self sufficient financially anyway. And then, it wouldn't be a worry, now would it? I've argued that COBRA isn't for the good of anyone, it's just there so that they can say, "insurance was offered". Kind of a CYA thing, if you ask me!
For me, I was/am one of the lucky ones....I wasn't the one providing health insurance for the family because it was so ridiculously overpriced for what you got that it was much more feasible for my husband to carry the family on his policy through his employment. That's not saying that our private insurance is picking up the cost of treating me. They aren't. They are however, helping with the prescriptions. That's it at this point! I haven't been informed yet as to whether or not they'll begin paying for Dr.'s visits related to my injury or not....I'm still waiting because WC just began denying my visity to my PCP for pain management. If they do, then I'll proceed with treatment the way I want it and then let them seek re-imbursement from WC. I've always said, if I could just get my private insurance to cover this I could get fixed and not have to worry about finding another profession....possibly.....I may be able to return to nursing if I got fixed properly! Who the heck knows, right?
I know my reply probably didn't make you feel any better, but I just don't have the answer you're looking for!! Sorry!! But at least you know you aren't alone in this!! There are many out there with no insurance coverage for their families because of this wonderful system called WC!!
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"If I were any better....I'd only be half as good as you!!"
For individuals who have trouble affording individual Ohio health insurance there are some state programs that can help:

Ohio Medicaid and Healthy Families are programs available to anyone, children, parents or individuals, who meets the eligibility requirements and qualifying criteria.

Ohio’s Best Rx Program is designed to assist Ohio residents over age 60 who meet income requirements. This program assists in prescription drug coverage.

Healthy Start is Ohio’s Children’s Health Insurance Program that is designed to provide health insurance coverage to children under 19 and some pregnant women whose families may not qualify for Medicaid and may not be able to afford Ohio medical insurance.

try the links below:

Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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