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Today, March 13th Is Call In Day to Kansas Speaker of the House
Today, March 13th. is call in day to Speaker of the House Melvin Neufield.

Please send him a strong message to support all injured workers by passing HB 2937.

To call Speaker Neufield's office directly: 785-296-2302

Or you can call the legislative hotline and leave a messege at: 1800-432-3924.

HB 2937 is an important first step because it restores disability benefits slashed by a recent Kansas Supreme Court decision.

By giving HB 2937 a committee hearing injured workers will have the opportunity to urge legislators to make even more changes to work comp.

Thank you for taking the time to call.
I just got off the phone with "Cindy" at the legislative hotline and tried to impress upon her how important it is to vote for HB 2937 for injured workers that are in the comp system. She sounded a bit snooty but in spite of that she was going to forward my info on to my local rep. I told her that with the way my situation is at this time I could stand to lose my home or my retirement funds trying to hold on to my home. My loan consolidation is not going well at this time as I thought it would when I posted about getting one up on the comp system. I probably started a big ball of sh.. rolling in this town and at this point I do not really care. I am so tired of being sick all the time.
Nothing changes when nothing changes
CD you got the same response I did last time I called, I thought this one will go in file 13.

It didn't cause I received a phone call from Dept of Labor earlier this week.

I tried to get through earlier on Neufield's office phone and got an answering machine, no good with them.
I am going to call again in a few minutes.
I've been trying to call all day.
I ended up calling the Legislative Hotline number, going to follow it up with an e-mail to the speaker.

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