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Receive A Phone Call This Morning From Request of The Kansas Governor
Recently I have been making phone calls, e-mailing, and posting on this web site about legislative action the Kansas Coalition for Workplace Saftey is addressing before Kansas Legislatures.

See my post on Kansas Injured Workers.

This morning I received a phone call from Kansas Department of Labor. Kansas Governor Seblius contacted them and requested they call me to assist with my work comp issues.

I shared my story with explaining how the delay in medical treatment of my knees has lead to problems with my back and that I now face bilateral knee replacements along with having nerve pain down my legs.

I was told that the governor and legislators are listening to injured workers.
Great Work Bummer!! At least You Finally have Someone Paying Attention!! Now Maybe they will be able to Assist You, and Possibly start Paying Attention to this whole w/c Mess in Your State!! You should be Very Proud of Yourself, that Your Message got so Far!!Wink

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