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employer= W/c insurnace
How much say does the employer have in w/c? Mine claims they are not involved in it >>> what say do they have ? I understand itisto be a doctors decision ... but I have personally seen the adjuster say that im MMi ...But talk to w/c dr nurse who knows nothing about it ..

talk to hq and they say I hear you are almost finished ...
So im confused
According to my atty,,,,,employer has nothing to do with it,,,,,unless employer want,s to retaliate,,,,,then atty say,s he,ll sue him to.Big Grin
On The Road to Recovery
I can only speak for Pa., but my employer is involved up to their elbows in my case. All correspondence the Defense attorney sends to my attorney the employer gets also. If a settlement is to be offered, the employers ins. rate is going to rise due to the loss of the ins. co., so they also have a say in that. At my next hearing my employer HR Director is going to testify concerning a request for an interview that was given me. They may tell you they are not involved to try and play the nice guy and avoid confrontation, but trust me, their attorney doesn't make a move without the employer knowing!! I can't speak for how things are handled in your State, but I would venture a guess it's pretty much the same everywhere. After all you are their employee, and they have a right to know what's going on and to offer their input.
It depends on how they are insured and where your claim is in the process. Self-insured employers have more control over the adjusters behavior especially if they use in-house staff versus a third party administrator.
Employers that have purchased an insurance policy with a carrier have less influence especially if they are a small account.
All employers have to provide basic information and confirmation i.e. wages, occupation, activities and events surrounding the injury, inkitial medical referal, etc.
If the claim is in litigation and before the state work comp commission are usually in the later stages and have less direct employer involvement in the court decisions.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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