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Disability payments
I have been categorized as permanent totally disabled. I've been receiving an old rate of $300/wk since 1987. The amount for totally disabled has been $400/wk as of a law from 1992. Why am I only receiving a partial rate (300/week) when everyone in my total disabled category receives $500.Last year the rate went to 500/week. I am not receiving full benefits(500/week) but partial (300/week). According to the NYState advocates group my rate will never change.
They are not providing for a cost of living increase for prior cases.This is not right that the New York State legislature never changes prior cases. My amount is inadequate.
one of the reasons is that the insurance was priced on the benefits that the law provided at the time. To change the payout later without allowing them to rebill all the old employers would be difficult for the system to handle.
It can be difficult to see the other side of the argument.
it would be nice to get more in disability then you were making when you were injured since prices have changed so much.
people on social security and other pension plans get hurt when inflation is bad.
it may not seem that way but inflation has been low compared to other times.
I don't know if you really wanted an answer or just wanted to vent.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I was Injured in 2004, and I will be Paid from the '04 Pay Scale for the Rest of My Life! If Gas 10 Years from now goes to $10.00 per Gallon, I will still be getting '04 Money, if I'm still in the System, which by the way things are going I may very well be!! I Understand Your Frustration, as Prices Rise, We stay stuck in Time, with no Increase. If You do Receive SSDI at Some Time though, they do have a Cost of Living Allowance, but it is Usually about the Same Amount as the Increase in Your Medicare! That seems to be the Way for Me, anyway!! Best Of Luck, and Have a Great Day!!Smile
SSDI,miltary retirement and SS all get cost of living raises these I know of because either I or someone in my family get them......all are goverment funded..... ICs are recording record profits....at our expense something not quite right about that
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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