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Curious in Pennsylvania..
My name's Jill and I'm a 19 yr. old girl from Pennsylvania as you can see. =) I was injured at work on 8/9/06 ..and have been dealing with workers comp issues since. Although it has been quite some time since my injury and surgeries later, I still feel new to all of this. The knowledge I have learned was from those around me stating their own opinions. For instance, my case manager never gave me checks for 2/3 my pay whenever I was on light duty ..not making what I normally could. Also, she never mentioned I could be reimbursed for mileage going to various doctors appoinments, etc. Lets say she only likes to do things, when I make her aware that I "know" something. Is there anyone else from PA that knows a law that may apply to me? If it wasn't for the people telling me about these two subjects, I would have never known. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
[I know you have 2 years from the date your doctor released you to file a claim. If you dont file a claim within 2 years from when your Doctor RELEASED YOU BACK TO FULL DUTY you are done. There is nothing you can do. So get a Lawyer
chisamsr Wrote:[I know you have 2 years from the date your doctor released you to file a claim. If you dont file a claim within 2 years from when your Doctor RELEASED YOU BACK TO FULL DUTY you are done. There is nothing you can do. So get a Lawyer

chisamsr ..thanks for your response. My case is quite complex ..I've been on and off of work frequently due to surgeries. I just recently had one postponed by my case manager, therefore I'm still on light duty. I was never put back on full duty since my injury. When would that time frame begin for the 2 yrs? Is it 2 yrs. after injury to do something legal wise? Again, thanks for the reply!

hi lil................I am also from PA> Please contact a WC attorney immediatly. As long as you claim has been filed and active you shouldn't have a problem BUT since the IC is already playing games with you in not paying you the rest of your salary when you are on light duty and attorny being involved will put a halt to alot of this. I always feel when a case is as old as yours that an attorney is necessary. Please interview a couple, pick th eone you feel will work hard for you and let us know what he tells you. Attorney have no recovery fee if you don't so don't worry about paying them. You can also ask that all costs be put in a claims petition if necessary. Best of luck.

Cap. is Right on the Money, as usual! I'm from Pa. also, and the only way to get this handled, if they won't act on their own, is to File a Petition through the Hearings System, and I would Strongly Urge You to have an Attorney for this. I have been Fighting this System and the i/c in Hearings for over 2 Years now, and that's the only way I have gotten any Movement form the i/c. Best of Luck, and I Hope You Retain an Attorney Soon!!Wink
I strongly agree with getting an attorney, actually I thought that you already had one. Please get some legal help soon. As far as time lines go, I know that when I was first injured, my employer told me that if I had problems up to 3 years after being returned to regular full duty that I could continue under the same claim. I have never been released to full duty yet, still have restrictions. I did get a lawyer when I started having problems with the I/C and the first thing we did was revoke the NCM's authorization. In Pa. you ARE NOT required to have one. Mine caused way too many problems. Good luck hon and keep us informed.
Take care.
What caused problems vickinat? I'm new to all of this ..I've spoke to several attorneys and they'd like to handle my case. However, I have been to IME and suggested two surgeries. I'm going to see a doctor on the 4th about those surgeries being done. If this goes through, what do I need an attorney for? Can anyone tell me ..is there more I am suppose to be getting? I really don't understand all the workers comp. stuff ..I just know recently they postponed a surgery of mine and my wrist is really hurt. A lot of people told me an IME would try and get me back to work saying I was fine. He didn't say I was okay, but I continue to work light duty and have been working that since the injury. I was off for a period of 3 months I'd say after my first surgery though. I was getting checks then ..but now I don't receive anything. Min. wage went up ..therefore I work few hours ..but still make more than what workers comp was giving me. Therefore, I'm not getting anything from them now. They just pay my bills. Therapy bills that is as of now ..I've been in therapy 3x a week since august 07.
In my opinion only, the NCM will pretend to be looking out for your best interest and will tell you that they will get your appointments set up for you to get the medical treatment you need. In actuality they have the I/W go to the doctor's that they know will do what the I/C wants, such as getting you returned to work even if your not ready. Mine actually went into the doctor after he examined me and gave me his notes for restrictions, and she would come back out with differant notes that she had the doctor sign. She would change things around from what the doctor told me. She had the doctor stop me from going to PT saying that I no longer needed it, a month later he had to restart it because my ROM and pain levels were worse. The reson I got involved with a lawyer was because like you, I didn't know much about my rights under W/C, I have learned alot since. You can do whatever you feel is right for you. You are well past the initial 90 days, so you can see any doctor of your choosing, by letting the I/C know within 5 days of the appointment.
Good luck.

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