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My Baby got married !!

Vickie...I am so happy for all of you. As Red said your daughter is remarkable and you must be so proud. Someday you'll be sitting there holding your baby and hers. Oh what a wonderful dream to look forward to.........................

Love you,
CAP Smile
Vickie, What wonderfull news, I wish them a lifetime of Happiness......

Now just to find her mother a good man and all will be right with the world LOL...............
Congratulations Vick!! I'm Very Happy for the New Couple, and also the Proud Mom!! May they have Many Years of Happiness, and Never See ONE Day Of Despair!! Best of Luck to Them!!Smile
Thank you guys. Tuffy, I think by the time I'm done with all of my injuries (if I get done with them), and the W/C, I might think about dating again. That's a scary thought in itself, lol. Cap, yes I can't wait to see my baby and her babies again, the last time was when the twin girls were born in 8/06. I do talk to all of them on the phone often and see pictures. Limbo, yes I'm a very proud momma, I always have been. She does a wonderfull job with the children as well as working in a hospital and taking her college classes to become an RN. He is a great help with the children as well.
Love you all

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