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Ins benifits canceled
Have a question, Does the company that you work for have to notify the IW when they cancell there ins, and is there a set amount of days to be sent Cobra info. In the state of Iowa or any other for that matter,
They have 10 - 14 days I think according to cobra standard

I will admit that regardless of how the termination of benefits happen - ie workers comp claim (if you are pulled from work in Iowa your employer can stop your benefits), you quit your job, or you are fired

After that they should have to pay a fine of like $110 I think - but like most others - I still had to call for my paperwork as well
Hi Tuffy, In Calif, the employer has to notify the plan administrator within 30 days of the policy termination, for whatever reason. The plan administrator then has to send you an election notice within 14 days upon being notified. The employer is now out of the picture. Then you would have 60 days to decide to elect COBRA coverage, at your full expense. Hope this helps.
Let Go, and Let God......
Thanks gals, I was asking for my daqughter in law, her insur was cancelled the first of Jan and just found out today when she called her ins co and no one had notified her or has she been offered cobra, All her RXs have sinse the first of Jan been billed to her ins, went to pick up a Rx yesterday and that is the first time it was denied. she did notify her attorney.
good - she can also notify the federal governement cause if they didn't notify her then it becomes a federal mater under federal guidelines.

you can find out more about it at the http://www.dol.gov

and look up cobra
Well, much said is true, but also in my best Opinion, I would request a review of my employement presonnel File first, and also request copies of it. This is an issue also for State Law, so you need to look that up. But I do know, the request to veiw, must be done in writing, and by Certified Mail with Reciept. Then they have 7 days to respond once they obtain such letter, to set the date. Coping fee can be 0.15 cents per sheet. I got all mine, with-in one year of being released from work. That was how, I brought charges against my employer, with the Labor Board and EEOC.



















Well, I gave you much of what I have, save and share, even point others to it.

There is a legal term for the issue mentioned, just that I forgot what it was.
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.

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