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Is it legal to have a friend go to the appt.w/me
They are killing me thanks IC blah blah
I never asked to bring someone into my appt. I just brought them. Noone has ever questioned why they were there but I have introduced them. I believe if you put them on your hippa release form they would be entitled to hear about your medical concerns. I also requested that the NCM not be present during examinations but she would talk with the doctor after my appt. I hear that some NCM are better than others but they are hired and paid for by the wc insurance company. I found that my NCM just muddied the waters.
When I went back for my second exam wiith the AME because I was disputing the first exam. I took my daughter with me, and even though he said she couldn't talk or ask questions during the exam they did let her come in the room with me.

You really should seek legal advice because w/c can be a really long and hard road to travel alone. Just remeber you do have rights under the law but If you don't know your rights they will try to mislead you. An AME is suppose to be a doctor that is nuetral and choosen by your attorney and the i/c but if you ask me I feel these doctors are only for the most part trying to keep the i/c happy so the can keep getting their business. Be very careful on what you agree to. But first find you a good attorney.

Good luck
1171 I hear youre very noligable can you give me some info or your input on this please
Im in Calif hurt in oct 2008 My dr wont return me to work I have no fillin in right index or middle fingers and pain in right should and neck My employer has let me go They told wc they had fired me a week before i got hurt but was still working me till they could find someone else. I am really confused right now cause My best friend and her mom have been contacted by a fraud investigator and I dont know why there investigating me but I do know that mom and me have been argueing for the last year and the other day a investigator went to her house and she told alot of bull on me she was drunk and said alot of my passed you see I was a herion addict 15 years ago been clean ever since dont even drink alchole but at one time I wasnt the greatest person so now Mom has said she thinks I am lieing and told them about my passed my question is has anyone else been investigated by fraud and why now I was hurt a year ago.........WC has still been paying me and my depostion has been canceled 4 times always the day before the time and day and now that mom's not mad at me she fills bad and dosnt want to testify against me and she dosnt know what to do I do have a attorney sorry for all the misspelled words I have ADHD and quite school at a young age please some one help me Has any one else been through the Fraud investgation do they do This to alot of us Hurt people that is
Either someone called them on you or it isnt really a fraud investigator but a private investigator . Do you have a lawyer , and if so , have you asked him if he's aware of such an investigation.
You really should start your own thread so you dont risk your question being overlooked.
7 Yr survivor of the NY State workers compensation system
I'm in Michigan. I have profound loss of hearing.....I take my husband, or a friend with me everytime.

If a WC nurse wanted to accompany me...No Way Jose' ! They are there to badger your doctor into over riding his better judgement, and get you back to work asap!
The nurse can talk to him AFTER the appmnt.

Injured worker, & tired of it all! I'm too old for games!!

A careless word may kindle strife, a cruel word may wreck a life, a timely word may level stress, and a loving word may heal and bless!

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