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Ok bloggers. Ths is the place to write your story. Here is the original post announcing the contest and the rules: TongueTongue

Entries will be judged by chrischris and Sithie. The winner will be announced on Valentine's Day, after we have made our decision. Admin, thank you for your help and offer in posting this contest as a sticky!

Quote:It's my turn to sponsor a contest. I do need one other person to volunteer to help me pick a winner on Feburary 14th. PM me.

This is a blogging contest, and the winner will be sent, directly from See's Candies, a 3-lb box of chocolates. Your assortment choices include: Assorted, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Nuts & Chews.

Blog Topic: Where is my heart?

Rules: Between 200 and 2000 words
Keep it Clean
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Post on Designated Thread by Midnight on Feb. 13th

The thread will be labeled: Valentine Contestants Blog Spot.

Other than that, anything goes.

I will post the blogging thread tomorrow, February 9th. Once the blogging begins, please, no comments are to be made on that thread, unless you forget! Tongue Contestants may continually edit their thread until the deadline.

A minimum of 6 bloggers needed, or the contest will be voided.

Thank you all for what you have done for me. I hope you have some fun with this.



Let Go, and Let God......
"Where is my heart?" by nurse83

In order to answer this question, I found that it required serious thought.
It wasn't a question I wanted to give a quick answer to-no conventional answer that would sound good at the Miss America pagent; not what you might automatically say to a child, a parent, a lover, or a spouse who asked that but a question I wanted to truly and fully answer.

So where is my heart, you are now asking? Ahh, but first I must say that hearts ARE made to be broken, broken into millions and even billions of pieces so that we are able to freely leave our heart in more than one place!

For even the smallest little chip of your heart that may leave you without your knowledge may be a HUGE piece to someone else! Think of it--you make eye contact with a stranger who is standing in a busy place looking down on their luck; that others are avoiding; you say a kind word to them as you smile at them and press a folded bill into their hand or pocket...........you go on about your day and even your life and never think of this again but you COULD have made a huge difference in that person's life...........so I will start by saying that my heart is with all the older people and moms with baby strollers I wait and hold the door for while I'm rushing about or with strangers such as I've described above or with drivers I was courteous to who needed to make that left hand turn or merge into traffic.
My heart is with those who have done such things for me, too!

My heart is with nature............the beauty of a sunset, the first flowers of spring, the song of a bird, the crackle of leaves in the fall, the majestic mountains where it's always cool, the feel of cool sand under my feet, the patter of a soft summer rain or the electrifying, terrifying downpour that lasts for hours or minutes.......my heart is always in these places.

My heart is with the beauty created by artists of all kinds, the authors who have taken me around the world and their beloved characters who became friends as I sat in my comfy armchair.

My heart is with animals: all shapes and sizes: beloved childhood pets; a stray dog who has become the head of my household (she's a lousy provider, though); the snarling, barking doggies who are always charging at their fence as I walk by; soft cuddly kittens who grow up to be imperious cats; all the animals at the zoo; the marvelous horses I grew up with, the hateful Shetland pony I took my first ride on (yep, he threw me off), and even the critters and creatures in the swamp!

Then the pieces get bigger as I remember all the patients I've taken care of and colleagues I've worked with............again it can be a little thing or a big thing that was done or said and it can be done by me or by them but my heart is with each and every one of these people.......I still remember every detail about the first patient who ever died on my watch and the first and ONLY baby I ever delivered, even though it was in an elevator and I was not a willing participant until I realized we were never going to make it to labor and delivery in time!

Boys, boys, and then men, men, men! Some are memorable, some not so memorable but................all of them have a piece of my heart. There is one man who was a constant in my life from the day I was born. He is where a part of my heart is that no one else will ever touch; he is my one true love. He was not the boy next door but the boy across the street! He is in my earliest childhood memories and so many more; the boy who walked me to school and later drove me to school, who taught me how to climb trees and later how to t.p. trees, my first kiss and later my first date. We traveled a wonderful ,though sometimes rocky, road together for 47 years, 5 months, 18 days, 1 hour, and 23 mintues and I will love him until my dying day and beyond.............sadly, his dying day was March 19, 2007.

Childhood friends; some who only passed through my life and others who are still in my life, including my best friend who is 10 minutes older than me and my true love's baby sister! I have literally never gone a day without being in touch with her since we were born! That is where a big chunk of my heart is! Our lives took different paths but our hearts never did.

Friends and neighbors made in adulthood--my heart is with the neighbor who had a week's worth of meals in my freezer when I came home with a newborn several states away from my family! My heart is with the neighbor who mowed my grass because he saw it needed it and my then hubby was out of town. My heart is with the friend who always seems to know just when to call and say "How are you?-Need to talk?" My heart is with the neighbor who has my house key hidden in her yard and hers is in someone else's and theirs could be in mine-well, we can't leave our doors unlocked but you know we all get locked out sometimes and the bad guys can be stupid smart, so we're fighting back!

My heart is with the Internet because of the wonderful world it opens for me, especially now that I have been injured. New friends, new places, new information, the Internet allows me and so many others to "leave" home and "travel" so I must give it a piece of my heart. My heart is with those who brighten my day as I surf the web.

Teachers: some I liked, some I loved, some I were sure were sent from the devil (they weren't); my heart is with them because they all gave of themselves to truly make the world a better place. Hopefully, I've fulfilled whatever expectations they had of me and given of myself to make the world a better place also.

Oh my goodeness, larger pieces are gone now! My heart is with my family: near and far; living and dead; nutty aunts and goofy cousins. I am always with them and they are with me because they all have pieces of my heart as I do of theirs. Large pieces are always with my Dad, my Stepmom, my Mother and my five fabulous sisters (together we are the six superb sisters) and my 17 neices. My teenage daughter has all of my heart--what a blessing and joy she is. My heart is with my son who died as an infant--what a blessing and joy he was.

My heart is with those who serve our country; a few I know and many I do not. I remember in 1968 when 2 young men from our small community were lost in Vietnam; to this day my heart is with them. In the present day, I see photos of men and women who have given their lives as members of our armed forces and hear of their bravery in serving all of our nation's people and my heart is with each of them and those they've left behind. My heart is with the many others who continue to serve, protect and defend each and every one of us in the United States of America!

My heart is with each and every hungry, homeless, hepless and hurting person in this nation of ours................I wish our leaders' hearts (and minds) were with them too!

My heart is with each and every child I know or don't know-what a miracle they are. Do I have more heart to give? Yes, I do.

My heart is with those whom I have offended either deliberately or not; my heart is with those who I may not understand. My heart is with those who do not like me; who may not know me but who may truly hate my nation, my gender, my religion, or who cannot articulate their hate; my heart is with those who hurt and hate.......my heart is with them because perhaps it will soften their heart toward me or someone else.

My heart is with my higher power and I am a believer! My heart is with those who have truly answered the call to spread the news and work for their beliefs here on Earth.

So, you might now be wondering, if her heart is all these places perhaps she does not have a heart left! But, you see, that is the wonderful thing about leaving pieces of your heart everywhere you can.............for every piece you leave you get 100 pieces back! I shall never run out of heart and I will always be discovering places where my heart is.

"After all, tomorrow is another day." Wishing you a better tomorrow!
“Where Is My Heart?”
By: ksgirl

Where is my heart? That is a question I have been asking myself for a lot of years. You see, my heart was broken into a million pieces when I was seven years old and for years I had trouble feeling and knowing what my heart was and what wanted to be my heart. You see, when I was seven my father and uncle were murdered and I felt like life just stopped. The fear and confusion were enormous and family life was not what anyone would call normal. Sometimes I was very cold because I didn’t want to be hurt and lose another piece of my heart and sometimes I foolishly gave pieces of my heart away, because I wanted so much to feel love. It took me years to find any real parts of my heart.

When I was eighteen and became pregnant for the first time, I knew that my heart was finally coming back to me. Knowing that I would have this special little person to love, changed the way that I looked at life. She was my angel and saved me from myself. I found that I was finally forgiving a lot of people, including myself. One thing I had learned was that if you don’t care about yourself, you will consistently find people that don’t care about you either.

Now I find that my heart is in my daughters and in my husband. It is in my belief in God and my appreciation for the wonders He has created. My heart is in my friends and family, the ones that I know love me for me, just like I love them for who they are. My four legged babies have a part of my heart that some people aren’t able to understand, but I have always been blessed enough to know just how unconditional an animals love is.

My heart is in seeing a smile light up a persons face. It is feeling the rain on my cheeks as I watch it falling from the sky. My heart is in the joy I feel when I see my husband coming home from work and my girls get off the school bus. My heart is all of the things that bring me joy, no matter how big or how small. My hope for the future of myself and my loved ones is very much where my heart is, especially in my dreams for my children.

I try to see and feel my heart anytime I can, even the times that I feel like it is breaking again. You see, sometimes you have to feel your broken heart, just so you can remember and appreciate what it feels like to love. I guess to answer the question, "Where is my heart?", I have to say, it is in me and all I do.
We Need 6 Entries for this Contest to be Valid, and although I know I can't Top the Ones before Me, I'm going to Shoot from the Hip, and Give it a Try! Thanks Chris Chris for such a Great Contest, and let's See what I can Come Up With:

Where's My Heart?

I guess to Understand where My Heart is Today is to know where It's been in the Past, and How it got Here in the Condition it did!! I Grew up in a Small Town, where I still Reside Today, and at that Time in My Life My Heart was in the Outdoors, running and Playing with My Friends, learning and Enjoying the Outdoors, with a Salt Shaker in My Hand, Robbing Gardens when We were Hungry, and not coming Home All Day, until the Streetlights came on! What a Great Time in this Country, No One had to worry about Child Abductions, ALL the Parents in the Neighborhood Looked Out for the Children, and We Never Locked a Door, I felt Safe, Secure, and Happy!!

My Teen Years were in the Late '70's, We had to deal with the first T.V. War, Vietnam, and My Heart went out to All of the Soldiers and their Families on Both Sides of the War, and to the Country of Vietnam, being Torn Apart by it. I dabbled with the Normal Street drugs at the Time, Drank at an Early age, and thought this was it, The Best Years of My Life, Graduating School and Partying with my Friends, Many of which We've Lost along the Way, and Again My Heart left me to be with them, and their Families. And then I started to See another Place to Put My Heart, when I met My Wife.

I met My Wife on Sept. 8, 1977, We were married Feb. 23, 1980, and We have been Together All of this Time! We have Two Beautiful Children, Greg, who was Born during My Senior Year of High School, and My Daughter Justine, who was Born in 1986. We had some of the Roughest Times of Our Lives in those Early Years, I had to Work 3 Jobs and also Finish High School, while My Wife was Home with Our Child. She went on Later in Life to get Her G.E.D. Diploma, a Moment where My Heart went Out Again, with the Pride I saw in Her Eyes, knowing She had Accomplished such a Task! This is Just a Small Section of My Life, Kind of a Small Window, to give You an Idea of where my Heart has Been, so let's look at where it is Today!

My Heart Today, especially with Being Injured, actually Disabled, has gone and Continues to go in so Many Directions, I don't know where to Begin. This World has changed soo much in My 45 Years, I've seen Many Things such as Child Abuse, Abductions, Divorce Rates, Murder, Violent Crime, Spousal Abuse, and I can go on and on Skyrocket to Monumental Proportions, and My Heart Reaches Out to EVERY Person who has had to Endure ANY of these Horrific Crimes! My Heart is Over seas with Our Men and Women Fighting a War Many May not Understand, including the Soldier, but they Answer to the Call of Our Country, and take up Arms as Asked. My Heart is with the Countless Casualties on Both Sides, and Once Again, as in Vietnam, I watch a Country be Torn Apart at the Seams. My Heart still Aches for the Victims of 9/11, not only the Ones in the Towers and Their Families, but the Hero's who have also Lost their Lives and their Families, and those who are now Injured, and can't even Receive the Basic Coverages from their State, to make them Well Again. My Heart is Stretched Pretty Thin, but it Still seems to Continue to go Out, in so many Different Directions.

My Heart Today is Much Heavier than it was in the Past, it's been Beat Around a Good Bit by watching Our Country and Communities go through so Much Change, and the Children of Today not having the Luxury of being able to do what I did, Run and Play All Day, without Worry. So as You can See, My Heart is Busy, I Worry about Our Futures, All of Our Injuries on this Board, The Future of Man Kind and Our Country and Earth, We surely have beat the He** out of Our Earth during these 45 Years I've been Alive!! But My Heart is also Filled with Hope, You See through all of this I still Believe in the Good Lord, and I know Ultimately the Good Lord will Provide. I'm Sure with Todays Worries even the Good Lord is Stretched Thin, but just as I Believe I'm Sure He/She does also, somehow, someway, We will Turn this World around, and Hopefully it will Return Back to the Early Days I Remember, a Time with Peace. Love, and Harmony, not War, Crime, and Abuse.

So I Guess to Sum it All Up, My Heart is busy, but Filled with Hope for a Brighter Future, a More Peaceful and Quieter Life for Everyone, it's looking back through a small Window in Time, and Remembering a Better Life, and Hoping that Some Day All can Have just a Taste of what I Had, Peace and Safety!! If You've ever Read the Book "Citizen Kane" All that Comes to My Mind right now is Two Words "Rose Bud"!!!Wink
Where is my heart
By: Backache

Where is my heart? Well as a nurse I know it is located slightly left of midline chest. This is anatomically where it is located anyway.
My heart has been in so many different places it is really hard to tell anymore where it is.
The first time my heart moved it swelled nearly out of my chest I'm sure. This would have been on the day I was born and first looked into my Moms beautiful blue eyes. Oh what a wonderful walk her and I have had through life.
I'm sure my heart next moved someplace out of my body on the day my Mom told me and my siblings our Dad had passed away. Even at only 4 years old I was sure that it was somehow my fault that Dad had died. If I just wouldn't have told Mom that he had spit the blood into the snow when he had gotten home that day after fighting a fire. I was sure that he would have still been with us.
My heart over the years of me growing up moved quite a few places. It will be with my friends and family forever. My Grandma who was my only Grandparent held a piece of my heart in her hand. She taught us how to be strong and kind at the same time.
When I was a teen my heart was on my sleeve for my Puppy Love, that tall, blonde haired, blue eyed hunk would have my heart for 4 years. As a matter of fact he still has a piece of it.
I can feel my heart drop to my feet as I'm told my best friend has been killed in an accident. Winkle was so young and full of life. I don't think my heart ever went back to where it should be after that. Everytime I hear Dancing in the Moonlight my heart stops for just a second.
In 1976 I met the man I would marry and he made my heart thump nearly out of my chest, he would also later come to break it.
In 1978 my heart felt something so wonderful it is almost impossible to explain. My heart felt a little heart right beside mine beating. My heart had to move over a little to make room because when my first son was born I knew his heart would always be close to mine so mine made room. How could I be so lucky to have this wonderful child who is so manly yet so soft hearted.
In 1983 I could feel the flutter of another little heart almost ontop of mine. My second son is tall and handsome, and even if he were not my son I would love him for the person he is.
Then one day in 1985 my heart once again felt the warmth of a tiny little heart beating beside mine. My heart still falls in love with my little peanut every time I look at her. Heather even has heart in her name.
Now another feeling takes over my heart. it is crushed, I lose my breath as I look into the faces of my 12, 7 and 4 year olds and I have to tell them that they will never see their Daddy again. When they ask I choke on the words, "your Daddy was robbed and killed by someone". I can still feel the hot tears that soaked my lap as they lay there for hours crying.
Now my heart moves to where it will be forever. As I look across the room at the most handsome man I have ever laid eyes on, my heart thumps somewhere in my belly. This is the man I married and I call the Daver.
My heart has been with every child I have ever known. It is with all of my dogs who would have given their lives to keep me safe. It is with all of my pets who gave me joy. It is with the elderly people I have taken care of because they have all become a part of me. It is with my friends and family.
At last 4 years ago my heart made a full circle. The loving wonderful woman who gave me my heart and life, took a piece of it with her as I looked into her beautiful blue eyes for the last time. And it taught me whenever I give a piece of my heart to someone it is replaced with a piece of theirs.
Here's my entry, but it is not for judging. Today is the two-year anniversary of my injury, and I just felt like writing.
The rest of you still have 9 hours California time to post your blogs.

My heart right now is unsettled. I say that because I am trying to recover from the most traumatic, heart-breaking series of events I have ever been through. Let me explain how my heart has changed during some of my life.

I was a daddy’s girl. Our hearts were intertwined during the first several years of my life and I never felt anything but happiness. I remember the long bike rides to the Old Adobe Fort, then the picnics that followed, and sharing my lunch with the nanny goats and ducks that roamed freely.

At nine years old, a friend invited me to a summer Vacation Bible School. It was there that I met Jesus and immediately I knew He was what was the missing link in my life. I was happy before, but in the back of my mind, I felt something was missing. I gave my heart to God that day.

My parents had decided when they married to not impose their beliefs until their children, but when we were old enough, we could make our own decisions. Up until that day I first went to VBS, I had never heard the name of Jesus spoken. Now He holds my heart.

My story from here wasn’t anything unusual, until High School. I never felt like I fit in anywhere. I tried hanging out with all the different groups, but felt most comfortable when I was alone. My best friend was my brother Tom. He was three years older than me, and I hung out with him because all his friends were so cute. He must have thought I was cute too because he always acted proud when he introduced me as his little sis.

The summer before my Senior Year, we were awakened early one morning by the police knocking at the door. My world felt like it ended when I was told that my brother Tom, my best friend, had been killed in a car accident. He and three of his friends had been drinking. My heart left me that day, and the rest of my Senior year is now a blur.

At seventeen, I moved to San Francisco with an older cousin, and was hired at the very first job I applied for. I had found my heart again. I loved working. Finally, I found my nitch in the world. I worked for this company for 10 years and became the Administrative Manager.

During this time I met my husband and we were married 3 months later. We took a chance and gave our hearts to each other. That was 30 years ago, and we’re still stuck on each other.

We had good times, and we had hard times. The best experience was when we decided to have children. I quit my job to become fulltime mom and have never regretted this. My children and my grandchildren are my joy, and they are what keeps me alive today.

A few years after we were married, and the kids were both preschool age, my mom became very ill and we were told she wasn’t going to live. I spent as much time as possible traveling back and forth to stay with her in the hospital. Six days before she died, I had the privilege of leading her to God. I shared my heart, and tears with her, and she accepted Christ on her deathbed.

Five years later, I went thru the same scenario with my dad, but he became comatose for the last 12 days of his life. I sat with him, and talked about God, and if he would just call out to Jesus, he would soon be seeing his wife again. I cried and prayed and sang to him for those days. His eyes twitched, but he never regained consciousness. I will never know fully whether he heeded the call of Jesus until I get to heaven. I shared my heart again, and can only hope for the best.

Once my youngest was in Jr. High, I went back to work fulltime, but never drifted too far away from them. I always felt I needed to be nearby to support them if they needed me. I went to work in the Education field and loved every minute of it. My heart was right at home. I could balance my home life with my work life, and still be an active church member as well.

Then about 5 years ago, I was promoted to a more prestigious position within the Education system. It was very hard work, and I put my heart and soul into learning the position. I not only learned it well, with no one to train me, but I became the very best at what I did. I was held in high esteem, and worked 10-12 hrs. per day, and most of the time 7 daysaweek, to keep that honor. I was driven to be the best. My heart was in my work, and family and church quickly became secondary.

Then two years ago today, I was injured at work. I soon "voluntarily" (cough cough) gave up my position to take another position involving less hand work. A little piece of my heart broke off that day as I loved my job like it was my life. From that day forward, piece by piece my heart was shattered as I watched my dream of advancing being taken away from me. I was now hand disabled. I was told I was worthless, and I began to believe it. I was so hurt, and I still am. It felt like my heart had left me, and all I could do was cry.

I had a nervous breakdown over all this and I haven’t been able to work since. Not only do I have physical injuries that still require more surgery, but I also have psychological injuries. My world was ending, I thought.

I realize now that I had put my heart somewhere it should not have been. My heart should have remained with God and family, and if it had, it would not be broken now. I am in the process of picking up my heart, piece by piece, and trying to mend it back together again. My husband and family have stuck my me and my heart cries when I think about how much they love me.

Until I fit back the final piece of my heart, where it belongs, my heart remains unsettled.

I like to say I am a work in process.

Happy Heart Day!
Let Go, and Let God......

Any one that knows me knows that Bill is my heart,He can make it speed up,slow down or stop...He is the one perfect match for me....He can piss me off in a minute and make my toes curl the next....he has since the day I met him when I was 15 years old....
Bill has nurtured me and helped me grow into the person I am today he has supported my need to mother and has thru birth and adoption given me 8 wonderful children......
As I look back on our 38 years together many things pop in my memories some good and some awful.
I can remember our first kiss,our first date......I can remember the look of wonder and awe on his face the first time he held his first child and the day the doc told him his newborn son had a broken arm..I can remember the look on his face when we sent him off to war during vietnam...and the look on his face when he came thru the plane door and seen his children had grown while he was gone and as he wept for the time in their lives he had missed.....The day the judge told us the adoption on the girls were final and we were now by law their momma and Daddy And the shock and surprize on his face 2 weeks later when the doc told him I was pregnant....(9 years after my tubes had been tied) I remember when I asked him what he wanted to name her and he said FIFTH AND FINAL...I can remember 13 years later when I held tiny little 2 week old infant in my arms and I asked him Bill what are we gonna do if they dont come back? But they did and left us a son and then the phone call that brought us another daughter...and the day the judge again said the adoption was final and 3 more bore his name he stood proudly by my side as the 2 children we wanted and planned for grew to total 8....
I can remember the tears flowing down his face as he carried the casket of his 8 year old sons best friend to the grave site....His voice when he called to tell me his Daddy had passed on,his face when the phone call came that his mother 9 months later had also passed on......His arms as held me while they buried my sister...everything that has happened or will happen in my life is colored by my love for him and his for me.....Our hearts and lives are so intertwined I know without a doubt when his heart stops beating so will mine....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

OMG those are all so wonderful, i could never top any of them even if i tried. I feel sorry for whoever has to choose the winner, as each one of them truely " touched my heart". Happy Valentines day everyone. : )
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
Where Is My Heart, by Halftrak I grew up with 7 brothers and sisters and I was the baby, my heart broke in 1967 when my mom sat us all down and told us our dad had TB and had to go away to a hospital for a year. My dad had worked hard, sometimes 2 or 3 jobs just to feed us all. We had no money, just barely scraping by, my 2 oldest brothers were in their late teens and had to drop out of school to help with the younger kids.My heart broke when my dad had to leave.I remember no hot luches for school and getting a quarter a day for lunch money, it had to do.I remember my mom standing in line for welfare and getting told no because my oldest sister made 40 dollars a week working part time and going to school ,my heart broke watching my mom cry.I was only 10 at the time.I remember my dad coming home after a year and my heart cried from joy.I remember moving out of the slums that we had lived in for a year and my heart jumped with joy.I thought we were rich all of a sudden but we just had dad back.Years passed and I remember my dad died and my heart broke again.I remember my sister died at 57 just 4 years ago and my heart broke again.I remember when my oldest was born and my heart fluttered when I held her in my arms, just to watch her grow up and discover drugs,My heart broke again,Now she is recovering and my heart again is full of joy.I remember meeting a few people from this forum who have hearts as big as texas and all the pain they have suffered and they welcome each and everyone of us as we have known each other forever.So whenever my heart is breaking you guys are ready to put it back together, so my heart is always with you guys even though I don't say it often enough.
no matter where you're at there you are
I have enjoyed reading the other blogs answering the question that was posed by ChrisChris. Without a doubt, I have gleamed so much from each entry. For me, at first glance, the question asked by ChrisChris surfaces as an effortless answer which I would just write and post. My first reaction was to declare that my heart is with my husband, my children, family, and friends which of course extents to our online family. Nevertheless, what I discovered through a lot of reflection is that what appears to be easy at first may in reality be very complicated.
I read some of the most enlightening and inspiring stories that left me humbled in the authors presence. Through the readings I discovered that the question, “where is my heart” has many different and yet similar meanings to different people. For example, I read about hearts that are so full of love for others that I felt humbled in this author’s presence. Then I read an inspiring story describing how a person’s heart was torn into pieces and yet this author found the strength and courage to put all the puzzle pieces of her heart back together. I really like the conceptual use of a puzzle to explain this situation because puzzles are in chaos while in pieces and it takes a person with great determination to put them all together so that they create that lovely picture. This author has put her heart back together to love, care, and support all of us on this forum. This was not an easy task for her. Another one wrote an encouraging narrative about his life. While his pathway in life has had many obstacles and challenges he has continues to verbalize hope. Through his writing it was easily recognized that he loves life unconditionally and I believe that the flames of his passion for life will never die. They will burn throughout his entire life and will continue to allow his heart to reach out to each person who is blessed to be in his presence. Another author wrote about her husband and how he is the reason she is who she is today. What an honor she has given to the love of her life. So many stories, and so much to learn about life. I loved them all becasue in each of these stories I found a new ingredient to add to my toolbox of life. They have inspired me to know more about my heart and its meaning.
All the writings reminded me of a famous saying by Confucius that says, “Wherever you go, go with your heart.” So my question to myself simply put, is "do I take my heart with me?" The obvious answer is “yes.” We all have a physical heart which is responsible to pump life into our bodies through dedicated pathways. It goes everywhere with us, or we have no life. However, I do not believe that this is the focus of the question or the focus of Confucius’ saying, but I do believe that the heart that is being referred to is just as meaningfull and needed to live as our physical hearts. So how can I define this question so that I know where to find my valuable heart? This brought back a memory of a bible verse that says in Mat 6:21, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” So now I know, my heart is with my treasures. Or is my heart my treasure? Unfortunately I realized that to find a treasure most people use a map of which I do not have so I was challenged to reach deep into myself and find that treasure that Jesus speaks of. As I reached inside, an awakening is beginning to happen. Just as a light brightens a dark room, so did the location of my treasure shine. My treasure is with me at all times and that is the ability to love and be love. So does this mean that my heart is located in my ability to love and to be loved? While I do believe that each of us is blessed with so many gifts, such as the ability to breath, to see, to touch, to communicate, to hear, to feel, to taste and so forth, I also believe that there is no greater treasure than the ability to love and be loved. Without love, I would feel lost and life would lose all meaning. Without the ability to share love with others, I would not exist.
To continue this thought, I searched inside myself to understand if love has and is always with me. This brought me to memories of my past which embraces both love and loss. My past includes situations where my 14 year old aunt was brutally beaten, raped and left for dead in her bed of her home, loss of grandparents, a few cousins, a nephew, father, and many other friends. As my pathway continued through life, it involves marriage, birth of three children, education with multiple complications, hard work, struggles to survive, loss of home to a fire, close to death twice, loss of job recently, chronic disease, and so many other issues that tore my heart apart. So now that I know that my heart is with my treasures and that my greatest treasure is love, the next question is “how do I show love and accept love in the mist of tribulations?”
Once more the light stand outs as bright as a hot summer morning because as I read what everyone else was writing, I found the strength to say that even though I encounter loss, I can chose to love and to allow others to love me. I can share all that I am and all that I want to be with those around me. As the sun smiles on my face, I can smile in the challenge of adversity or loss. This is my choice, given to me by my creator and my friend. In 1 Timothy 1:5 Jesus says, “The goal of this command is to love, which comes from a pure heart.” While my goal is to always have a pure heart even in the face of adversity because I believe that the ability to love all those I come in contact with is the best of the best. My heart will then always shine though my actions and treatment of others. May I always show love and support to my husband, my children, my grand children, my family, my neighbors, my country, all of you, my online family, and may I always maintain a pure heart of love before my creator.

I love you all.... you all have a large part of my heart and I have a large part of yours as we continue to share our love and support to each other daily. I believe I have just come full circle with my easy route, but with a few twists and turns...smiling Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

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