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MRI lumber ppl bad boy
OK Here what Im lost at Ive been told that lumber area is fine just l5 s1 arthropathy with tingling and burning ... But It goes bilateral ... Now Pt thinks its Si joint and periformis
Cant lay on left side at all without burning ..

Next thoric shows a hymelomelia (sp)At t 8 to t 11 ... also one higher below the fusion at C5 c6 ...

ANY ideas is a disk co gram might help
Jayne did you have this same problem ?
I have constant burning in my left hip and down leg....its a fact of life I had to get used to it does you no good to fight it it just wears you out......as to the neck fusion I have massive scar tissue that makes me feel as if I have a ball in my throat I cant swallow...thats why we refused more surgery there and the lumbar fusions....again something I had to accept....as far as disc o grams...I am a firm believer in them they will show problems or no problems when nothing else will...I believe if I had been given the disc o gram when MY DOC first ask for them I would not be in the shape I am in now.......But I was the RESPONSIABLE ONE AND TOOK THE DOCS WORD AND WENT BACK TO WORK.....it distroyed my body......please if you have a choice get the disc o gram by a pain doc and learn faster than I did......good luck
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Tweety, I'm not Sure of the Neck Area, but the Lower Back Diagnosis they are Using is Basically Arthritis and a Pulled Muscle!! That's the Basic Definition of arthropathy and periformis. Please double check My Definitions, but if this is a w/c Dr. or PT Tech., You May want Second Opinions to be Sure of what's going on! I Hope this cleared things up a Bit, and I Hope You Feel Better!!Smile
I am also a firm biliever of the Discogram. I was originally nervous about getting mine, but afterwards I realized how helpful they are. It was definatly worth it. The area that my Dr. was going to fuse, is not where my pain was comming from. It was the level above it. My 1st Dr. had said that I did not need one, he would make an incision long enough, so that what ever was bothering me, he would fix. I believed him and after my 1st fusion, it did not work and my pain was in the same area, but worse. When he said we'd go back in and try it again, I went for a 2nd opinion. This new Dr. said she would never agree to a surgery, unless she knew exactly what the problem was. She sent me to the Discogram and that is where we learned that the pain was from somewhere else.

That is the beuty of the test, it will clearly show what is causing your pain and it can then be treated. If you do have one, find a pain management center that will do it using a type of "cocktail" type of med. that will keep you from remembering what happened. They will put you out and only wake you up long enough to ask you if that is where your pain is and then quickly knock you out again.

Good luck.
yes it was a nice little cocktail...... wish I could have one everynite to help me sleep
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I wish I could figure out how to get a discogram so I could find out why I am still having so many problems. Tweety, I hope they get you figured out and get you some help.
ask your doc to recommend one...
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

My pain management doctor orderded my discogram. It did answer a lot of questions.

I did not realize how involved the procedure was and was wiped-out for two days aftr the procedure.
My pcp asked for one when she sent me to ortho ... He just started on the neck and still says mris look like your lumber is fine ...
But I dont get why My leg goes numb .. is cooler then the other .. and burns when I lay on either side ...
Can the thoric be causing all of this ..
I dont see that from the nerve charts ...
All the excerises do is make my butt burn more and leg also ........ Pt says you need to retrain the muscles so ..........

Winter winter go away ...........ouchie on the body

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